Things To Do In Cambodia Besides Angkor Wat

Cambodia is best-known for its Angkor Wat temple complex as the world’s largest religious monuments. It’s also a part of UNESCO’s heritage site. That’s why people only know Cambodia for its religious monuments while actually, this amazing country is more than that.

Cambodia offers a lot of things that are waiting for you to discover. But, Angkor Wat is still a must-visit destination in the country. So, after you’ve done taking photos in the temple, here other things you need to do in Cambodia.

1. Things to Do in Cambodia; Kayaking in Kampot

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Kampot is a riverside town that offers a nostalgic throwback to the colonial era of French. For those who want to kayak, it has a nice route called The Green Cathedral. You will experience the relaxing route that has the green canopy covers you through the serene, narrow channels.

You can rent the kayaks and life jackets on the Champa Lodge which is 20 minutes away from Kampot city. The duration of the route is about two hours but it’s according to your pace. The river has calm water that allows you to jump out and swim anywhere you want.

2. Watching a Bedazzled Apsara Dance Show

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For those of you who are looking for some traditional entertainment, you should take your time and get bedazzled at Apsara Dance Show. This dance show dating back to the Angkor Wat’s history. It gives you a glimpse of the ancient culture of the country.

The Apsara Dance shows are held regularly at popular tourists destinations. Some hotels and resorts even hold a free show for the guests. Typically, the Apsara dance portrays women performing graceful dance movements dressed in elaborate costumes.

3. Sightseeing Around Phnom Penh by Tuk-Tuk

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Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia that is filled with tuk-tuks. It is the most famous transportation mode in Cambodia. It’s an affordable option to go around the city instead of taking a taxi. You could even take that right from the airport.

This open-air vehicle will give you the first glimpse of the Phnom Penh since arriving in Cambodia. While riding the Tuk-tuk, a map should always be in hand because most tuk-tuk drivers are not aware of any landmarks.

For backpackers, tuk-tuks are the best option they have since it’s very cheap to get them around the city. Usually, Tuk-tuk costs one dollar for a short ride. You can add another dollar to take two hours ride around the city. It’s one of the great things to do in Cambodia Phnom Penh.

4. Experiencing the Water Festival of Cambodia

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During the monsoon season, the river’s water level rises and it gives good effect to the rice harvest around it. It happens generally in November, Kadeuk month of the Khmer Lunar Calendar. So, Cambodians celebrate the water festival to show gratitude to the season.

During the water festival, you will see some rituals that offer them a glimpse of Cambodian culture. Head to the riverside to watch the beautifully illuminated boats parades. It will make a perfect background for your traveling photos.

The highlight of the festival is the boat races. You can watch some colorful long boats compete to become the fastest one to reach the finish line. Obviously, that could be one of the best things to do in Cambodia.

5. Paying Respect at The Killing Fields

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Compared to all of the things on the list, this is the most unique one to do in Cambodia. Visit the farmland of Choeung Ek that takes place just outside Phnom Penh. It’s one of the mass killings sites. You will get to know about the dark history of Cambodia.

The era of Pol Pot is considered as the dark days for Cambodians. During the era, over two million Cambodians are killed in the name of Communism.

In the Choeung Ek Killing Fields, you can visit the memorial placed in the center of the field that is filled with recovered skulls. It will be a truly unique experience of your trip.

6. Things to Do in Cambodia; Tasting The Street Food

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Siem Reap is chosen to be the place to taste the Cambodian street food because of its unusual cuisine. You can taste the extreme food you’ve never taste before back home. There are a bunch of choices such as deep-fried tarantulas, chili crickets, skewered snakes, and many more.

Besides, one other thing to do in Cambodia Siem reap is to taste the authentic Cambodian dishes. Two of the recommended dishes are Lort Cha and Amok.

Lort Cha is a fried noodle with bean sprouts and chives. Amok is a fish soup that’s made with a mixture of red Thai curry paste and coconut milk.

7. Taking The Bamboo Train Tour

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Originally, A bamboo train is used by villagers as a means of transport to Battambang City. It became a big hit for tourists who passed through the area. Nowadays, the train is no longer used for villagers’ transportation. It’s now only used for the visitors in the Banan Temple area.

This bamboo train is unlike any other rail vehicle you have seen before. It’s a fun ride to see the unseen landscapes of rural neighborhoods in the region.

8. Enjoying The Beauty of Koh Rong Island

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If you think you have seen Cambodia’s best attraction, wait until you visit this beautiful island. Koh Rong island is packed with sugar-coated beaches and its azure waters. Snorkeling, Diving, Taking boat trip are the most popular things to do on this island.

In your itinerary, this island should be the last destination. It’s a perfect place to finish your adventure. You can have a relaxed evening in a beach hut bar watching the sunset in Koh Rong’s shores.

9. Spotting Irrawaddy Dolphins In The Mekong River

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There are limited amounts of freshwater Dolphins in the Mekong River. It’s quite rare to see the dolphins jumping off the river because this kind of dolphins is a bit sheer. However, if you are lucky enough to see them jump in the early morning, and early evening hours.

According to the WWF (World Wild Life), there are a total of 92 Irrawaddy dolphins left in Mekong River.


See? There are many things to do in Cambodia besides visiting Angkor Wat. All of those attractions cover the entire side of Cambodia you need to explore to maximize your visit. After this, you have the knowledge about what to do in Cambodia.