Enjoy Singapore Beaches In These 10 Destinations

Who says you can’t have Singapore beaches during your visit to the country? Even though Singapore is a small country, it’s got a lot of things to offer. Visiting some beach destinations is something you should do when you are in this island nation.

Singapore beaches will give you more than you can ever imagine. It’s divided into 2 broad clusters, east coast beaches, and the Sentosa Island ones. Actually, both of them are pristine but people might know a lot more about the Sentosa Island beach because of its extreme popularity.

It’s recommended to plan your vacation from November to early March. Because, the weather at that time is just perfect for swimming, beach games, or adventure sports. Here are the ten best beaches in Singapore you have to visit.

1. Changi Beach, The Tropical Singapore Beaches

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This beach is located on the east coast of Singapore. It’s one of the best tropical beaches in the country. It’s well-known to be a perfect destination for family and leisure lovers. People can enjoy lounging around the beach and jogging on the mystic trails by the seashore.

It’s close to Singapore’s Changi Airport. So, you can watch low flying plans that are about to go landing on the Airport.

2. East Coast Park Singapore Beaches

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It’s a beach-park that has been established since the 1970s. The park has urban settings and some good Singapore beaches. The theme of this park is “Recreation for All”. It’s definitely designed for everyone.

You can enjoy various water and land sports activities on the beach. The objective of the park is to create a city in the area of the park. So, the facilities for the tourist are so complete.

3. Pulau Ubin – a Village-Like Beach

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Source: nparks.gov.sg

This beautiful beach offers nirvana in the bustling country’s world. It gives the experience of simple village life. The beach will welcome you with peace and tranquility. The architecture of the island attracts a lot of tourists to come.

Tasting the authentic delicacies of the locals is the must thing to do. You can enjoy the fresh fish and octopi fresh from the sea. You have to try camping out on the beach. It would make a fun experience during your trip.

4. The Buzzing Siloso Beach

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This beach is so popular among tourists. It’s always buzzing with activities that would make every moment full of excitement. You can enjoy canoeing, horse riding, playing volleyball, and more on the beach.

You can stay at the beachfront hotel near the beach with full of amazing facilities that would make your stay more memorable. It’s one of the top beaches in Singapore.

5. Palawan Beach of Sentosa Island

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This paradise beach is located in the middle of Siloso and Tanjong beach. These three beaches are part of Sentosa island. It offers you calm water and fine grain sand. Compared to Siloso and Tanjong beach, Palawan is the most family-friendly one.

There’s a tower that you can climb up in order to get the bird’s eye view of the magical Sentosa. There are a lot of activities you can try on Palawan Beach, especially for your kids. You can watch the daily animal show with them in the Amphitheatre.

6. The Beautiful Punggol Beach with Creepy Backstory

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This is a gem of northern Singapore. It’s got a beautiful combination of soft sand and a collection of boulders. The creepy story is that years ago, in 1942 to be exact, this site was the location of the Sook Ching Massacre.

However, that story can be a reason why people have interests to come and visit Punggol beach. The beach is located near the Punggol Waterway Park. The settlement of the beach is a multi-restaurant venue that’s overlooking the beach. You have to try the Seafood delicacies.

7. Natural Lazarus Island Beach

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For you who love the beauty of nature in a tourism destination, you have to come to Lazarus Island. You will be offered with a serene atmosphere to lounge under the sun. In order to get there, you can take a ferry.

The beach in Lazarus Island is one of the best in the south that boasts a pristine look. If you expect the beach to be sandy, you will be disappointed. The beach offers something different. It has a very rustic feel all over the area.

It’s the perfect spot for you who love adventure. It’s also ideal for spending some alone time.

8. The Unexplored Kusu Island

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Off the coast of Singapore, there’s a place called Kusu Island which is one of the quiet beaches in the country. It’s the home to plenty of turtles which become a reason why tourists love this place. However, the main attraction of Kusu Island is the pristine beaches.

The beaches are naturally colorful. They are surrounded by lush green trees, clear waters, white sand, and blue sky. That’s just perfect, right?

9. Singapore Beaches in St John’s Island

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This is one of those beaches that are rarely visited. We guess it’s the ideal destination if you like to enjoy some quality time of reflection on your own. Your alone time will have more value in this island.

The quiet atmosphere of the beach in St John’s Island is far from any urban life. It’s a perfect holiday getaway. You can even enjoy the time by fishing.

10. Pasir Ris of Singapore Beaches

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Source: nparks.gov.sg

This is a wonderland for people of any ages, from kids to adult. It’s one of the largest beaches in Singapore. The beach itself stretches about 6.6 km long with lush mangrove forest along the way. Picnic is the ideal activity you have to try in this beach.

Having a picnic on the seashore will amp up your experience in Singapore beaches. You will be surrounded by the cool ocean breeze and perfect sunlight. The ocean views are so breath-taking that you will never regret.

Pasir Ris beach has a cycling track and a playground area which makes it perfect for a family vacation. Adult and kids will have fun in this cool destination.


Those gorgeous Singapore beaches are all packed with everything you expect from an amazing beach destination. Add some of those beaches to your itinerary to fulfill your true experience of the Lion City, Singapore.