Top 10 Places To Visit In Philippines Before You Die

If you’re planning to come to the Philippines, here are the top 10 places to visit in Philippines. As we know, this is an island nation that’s situated in the Western Pacific. It consists of over seven thousand tropical islands. So, you know what you’ll be dealing within the Philippines.

There are a lot of tourism places that are related to marine life in the country. Many tropical islands will accommodate your sense of escaping. You will enjoy the serene beaches with beautiful coral reefs and spectacular diving spots.

Besides, some islands also offer you with the mountainous tropical forests and other destinations. Filipino people are generous, warm, and smiling. Tourists will feel really welcomed when they’re visiting the Philippines. So, where to go?

1. El Nido

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When talking about the most beautiful place in the Philippines, El Nido would be the first destination that comes to mind. It’s something that you can’t top. The gorgeous rock formations, clear turquoise water, and pristine beaches are enough to impress every tourist that comes.

El Nido is a pride of Filipinos. This destination is placed on the northern top of Palawan island. This place has been increasingly drawing international tourists year by year. El Nido also becomes the reason why Palawan island is so popular worldwide.

2. Banaue Rice Terraces


Besides beautiful beaches, the Philippines will also offer you a breathtaking view of the mountains. You should visit this Banaue Rice Terraces. This place is something that Filipinos can rightfully brag about.

This view has been enjoyed over a thousand years. It’s a manual hard word by the ancestors of the country. Besides the rice terraces view from up here, you can also search for other scenic rice terraces nearby.

3. Siargao Island

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For those who are looking for a beach destination with the best waves, Siargao is the place. It’s like the capital of surf in the Philippines. Siargao island is like heaven for surfers because this place is strategically located on the eastern coast of the Philippines.

It receives the strong winds in the Pacific Ocean that goes steadily. What surfers really love about Siargao island is that they will be served with the solid swells including the famous Cloud 9.

4. Hinatuan Enchanted River


The Philippines is not only about the sea or ocean, but the river is also something special in the country. Check this Enchanted river. It’s located in the Surigao Del Sur province. This deep spring river has enchanting shades of greens and deep blues that attract many tourists.

This insta-worthy spot is believed by locals to be guided by fairies called engkanto. The mystical nature doesn’t explain where the clear saltwater comes from.

5. The Capital City of Manila

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Manila is the heart of the empire. Don’t be like most travelers. They like to skip exploring Manila at length because they just want to go out to the rest of the country without delay. If you do that, you will be missing out on a lot.

Metro Manila has more culture, entertainment, the history that all other places in the Philippines combined. You will regret not exploring the capital city of Manila. One of the first things you have to do is to get the hang of the transportation system to make it easy to get around the city.

6. Boracay Island


This island is famous for its White Beach that has miles of powdery white sand with many resorts, bars, and restaurants that are lined on the beach. This island is practically inaccessible during the 1980s.

Nowadays, tourists can get there easily by plane and boat. There plenty of activities you can enjoy in Boracay such as ATVing, Golfing, Parasailing, Windsurfing, and other watersport activities. If you want to avoid a crowd, you should go to the island between June to October.

7. Bohol’s Chocolate Hills


This interesting destination is located on the sleepy island of Bohol. This place is called Chocolate Hills. It’s something that comes from the karst limestone. After you’re done taking pictures and admiring the interesting view, you may visit some places to visit in Philippines nearby like the Baclayon Church.

You should come to chocolate hills during the dry season. That’s the time when the view resembles the name. The hills color would be in chocolate brown. If you want to see the other color, you may come during the wet season, you will see the natural green color that comes from the grass.

8. The Volcanic Island of Camiguin

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For those who want to get a little different and unique things to do in the Philippine, they should consider going to Camiguin Island. This Volcanic island can be reached by taking a two-hour ferry ride from the Cagarayan de Oro City.

There are a total of 7 volcanoes and 20 cinder cones on this island. You might think it’s too dangerous for a tourism destination. Well, you don’t have to be worried because all of the volcanoes are not active anymore since the 1940s.

You will only see the volcanoes as part of your trip around the Camiguin island. There is also some great spot for snorkeling and diving for those who admire a beautiful marine life.

9. Tagaytay

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This place becomes an attractive destination for tourists because of its cooler climate than Manila. Tagaytay is the place for wealthy Filipinos that want to escape from the heat during the summer season.

The travelers would be provided with some breathtaking scenic views of the Valleys and a Volcano. Visit the Palace in the Sky. You will see the mansion of Philippines’ former president which now has been converted into scenic viewpoint, museum, and park.

One thing you should know that this destination would probably cost a lot more money than other places to visit in philippines.

10. Puerto Princesa

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This place is part of the Palawan island. To get there, you can just take a flight from Manila. Puerto Princesa has many great sites for diving. You can see the big fish like hammerheads, whale sharks, and manta rays directly from its nature.

Explore the underground river in this area. This is the most popular spot in Puerto Princesa. If you’re afraid of the dark, you may wanna skip this tour. If it’s not gonna be a problem, you will have an opportunity to explore a wide underwater cave system.


After all, which places you want to add to your itinerary. All of them are worthy places to visit in Philippines. There’s nothing to doubt, you can just choose to visit all of them to make your trip more extraordinary.