10 Recommended Philippine Islands To Visit This Year

Philippine is packed with over 7,000 thousands islands. So, it must be very challenging to pick only 10 islands as the recommended spots to visit in your vacation. We picked the islands that have the most to offer.

If you look at the Philippine Islands Map, you will that there are only some of the islands are identified. We picked the islands that appeared on the map.

Obviously, when people plan to visit an island in the Philippines, they must be looking for the beautiful scenery of the beaches and other entertainment to enjoy.

In fact, 10 Philippines islands we recommend in this page offers more than just a breath-taking view, you will the adventures that seem to have no end.

1. Philippine Islands of Boracay

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When talking about islands in the Philippines, the first island to be mentioned has to be Boracay. Even though Boracay was lately regarded to be over-tourism, Boracay is still one of the best islands you have to visit during your time in the Philippines.

This island has an idyllic combination of sand, sea, and sun for the holiday. The beach is the champion of this island. Its white sandy beaches and the fresh turquoise color of the sea water makes the spot looks like a paradise on earth.

Boracay is located in the province of Aklan, Philippines. It’s only 7 km long and one km wide. Although, you can find over 300 hotels and resorts on the island. Avoid going to Boracay in high seasons.

2. Palawan Philippine Islands

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Anything magical and mystical can be found in Palawan islands. El Nido is a must-visit spot in Palawan islands. Besides, it offers so many other beach destinations that attract tourists from all across the world.

The north-side destinations like El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa offer the breath-taking landscapes. You can find more exciting destinations you have to try on the other side of Palawan.

3. The Underrated Island of Bohol

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Some of you may not be heard about this island yet. It’s because a lot of people focus on the seashore spot when coming to the Philippines islands. If you enjoy an island with its secret gems, you will love Bohol.

To get the most out of your experience on this island, you have to hire or befriend a local tour guide. You will maximize your time visiting some amazing spots in Bohol. You will see the beautiful secret waterfalls and other breath-taking spots.

How good your experience is in Bohol is based on your negotiations with the guides? The tour guides here are open up to you and welcome you. Using the service of local motorbike tour guides, you will experience the natural adventures maximally.

4. Coron of Palawan

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Coron is part of the astonishing Palawan islands. Even though the spot is not easy to access, but you will be served with spectacular scenery when you get there. It will be worth it.

The beautiful landscape of Coron stands on an island that doesn’t have a lot of tourists. You can even rent a scooter and go around the island and discover that there are only a few villages and no big development on the island making it an ideal getaway.

5. Bataan, The Northest Island

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This is the island for those who are not looking for beautiful beaches on an island. It’s one of the volcanic islands that has the shape of a dumbbell. There’s a sprawling landscape of forests, rice fields, and farming plots all over the island.

It’s probably the least favorite island to get in the Philippines but it surely offers something different to your vacation. It’s the most northern island of the Philippines islands.

6. Luzon and Potipot Island

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It’s the island that sits on the capital of Philippines, Manila. The main attraction of Luzon island is the monolithic rock. If you like rock climbing, you will love to conquer. On the top, you can enjoy the magnificent view for a moment.  It’s located in Pico de Loro-Mt. Palay.

Potipot Island is about 4-hour drive away from Manila. It’s a very small island that has beautiful beaches where you can chill out under the sun.

7. Philippine Islands of Cebu

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It’s one of the islands that you don’t wanna miss when visiting the Philippines. It’s well-known for its white sandy beaches.

Also, the Kawasan Falls in Cebu is so widely popular. It has clear turquoise-blue waters that would make a perfect background for your photographs. If you like hiking up in the mountain, you may go to Osmena Peak.

You will enjoy hiking in this mountain range even though you are beginners. You will enjoy the fantastic views of the peaks.

8. Palaui Island

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It’s one of the Philippines Islands that can be mentioned as paradise. It’s no doubt that Palaui Island is the perfect version of island paradise. The moment you step foot on the island, you will feel like you are the first person that ever come here.

You won’t see any crowd on the island. The things you will see are the golden deserted beaches, ancient caves, crystal blue waters, waterfalls, and green fields. You can release stress and get away from the busy world.

9. Dumaguete Island

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Looking for an island that offers the best hotels and resorts services, Dumaguete is a perfect pick. The main reason many tourists come to Dumaguete is to see the sea turtles and another wildlife underwater. It’s the most popular activity on the island.

10. Calaguas Philippine Islands

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Calaguas holds the most extensive white beaches in the country. In this group of virgin islands have many hotels and resorts that would make your stay unforgettable. But, the resorts won’t give you a true taste of the island.

It’s better for you to try camping out on the beaches to maximize your experience. You just need to pay a small fee to get into the park where the beach is set. At night, you will be amazed by the thousands of stars in the sky. It’s something you can’t have inside every resort.


As mentioned before, there are so many Philippines islands available to visit. It’s impossible to visit every island in one period of vacation.

After getting some information above, you might already pick which island you want to spend your holiday on. Each of those islands has its own charm that you can’t ignore.