Top 10 Myanmar Temples Worth Traveling To Once In A Lifetime

In Myanmar, you will be served with thousands and thousands of temples all over the country. It is well-known as one of the world’s most devout Buddhist countries. You can easily find some beautiful temples that offer more than just as the historical sites.

Because there are so many temples that Myanmar has to offer, some of you might get confused about which are the must-visit temples. That’s why we’ve compiled the top ten Myanmar temples you have to include in your itinerary.

1. Shwedagon Paya

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Talking about the temples in Myanmar, the first site you need to visit is the Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s like the pearl of Myanmar temples. It has a sight that you won’t forget. This beautiful temple is designed to fascinate all the tourists.

The main stupa of Shwedagon is adorned with gold. The top of this Myanmar pagoda temple is decorated with thousands and thousands of diamonds and rubies. That’s very impressive for a historical temple. Furthermore, at the very top of the stupa, there is a 76-carat diamond.

That shows that Shwedagon is a true jewel and wonder of Myanmar. If you want to see clearly the artistic texture of the temple, you can visit it during the day. However, if you want to enjoy the tranquility, you have to visit it at dawn.

2. Mandalay Hill – Myanmar Temples

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Mandalay Hill is located in the northeast of Mandalay City, Myanmar. This destination offers you one of the most beautiful sunset views. However, you need to climb the hill barefoot before you get rewarded with a stunning view over the city.

The climbing will take about 30 minutes and it could be longer based on your strength. Don’t worry,  anyone can climb up to the hill no matter the physical shape. On the way up to the hill, you can visit some other historical sites before the grandest one.

3. Buddha Tooth Relic Pagoda

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Another Myanmar temple situated in Yangon, it’s the Tooth Relic Pagoda. It offers you with its beautiful symmetry and golden details. It’s one of the must-see attractions in Yangon. It’s also called as Swe Taw Myat Pagoda.

Many travelers decided to visit this pagoda over the Shwedagon as the first destination when traveling in Myanmar. It’s not a large temple but it has a really nice beautiful architecture. The relics in this temple are so well displayed. It looks like it’s designed to be admired by tourists.

4. Ananda Pahto Temple

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This site is located in Bagan, Myanmar. It’s among the top of every traveler’s list. Compared to other Myanmar temples of Bagan, Myanmar Ananda temple is the finest and largest one. This temple is quite popular among tourists.

So, you will meet many hawkers who sell their wares around the main entrance. Don’t forget to haggle the price if you want to buy some of the souvenirs. Or, there’s an alternative entrance you can choose to enter though that’s placed on the east side. You won’t be disturbed by hawkers.

5. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

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It is located in Mon State, Myanmar which takes about 4.5 hours from Aung Mindalar Station by Bus. The temple is very unique, it’s sitting atop a large golden boulder. Kayiktiyo Pagoda is quite an important site for pilgrimage.

The boulder is so breathtakingly stunning. It’s perched on the very edge of a cliff that shows gravity-defying suspension. The locals believed that it’s got the balance from a strand of Buddha’s hair under it. The wonder of this temple is enough to turn anyone to Buddhism.

6. Shwezigon Paya – Myanmar Temples

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Sitting at the very west of Nyaung U Town, this temple has a big, beautiful stupa. It’s the main religious site of this town. This gold plated pagoda is one of the most impressive monuments in Bagan, Myanmar. It’s also one of the oldest temples in the country.

In the month of December, you can attend the Shwezigon festival. The celebration in December dedicated to paying respect to the ancient spirits of Nat. Besides the gold plated pagoda, there are other structures you need to see on the complex.

7. Mount Popa – Myanmar Temples

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It’s another temple site you need to visit near Bagan city. This is an iconic pilgrimage site in the country. Mount Popa has countless golden stupas that sit on the mountain. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city.

To get onto the spot, you have to climb the 777 stairs to the top of the Mount Popa. Along the way, you will meet a lot of monkeys. Be careful and always keep an eye of your belongings.

8. Hsinbyume Pagoda

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It’s one of the sites you can visit along the way up to the Mandalay Hill. The structure of this temple is one of a kind. Hsinbyume has impressive built-in terraces which look like white waves. It’s the structure you won’t find on the other Myanmar temples.

You are allowed to climb on top of the pagoda. You can even see the temple on Mandalay Hill from the pagoda top. Many visitors come here to enjoy its unique beauty which is so instagrammable.

9. Mahamuni Paya

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This temple features 13-feet gold plated Buddha which is believed to be over two thousand years old. Inside the temple, you can also explore its art gallery that depicts the interesting history of Mahamuni Paya.

Mahamuni Paya is located in Mandalay city Myanmar. It opens from 6 am to 8 pm every day. The ticket price is about 4 US dollar.

10. We Sein Taw Ya – Myanmar Temples

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To finish the list, this unique temple has to be included in your Itinerary. This temple looks surreal and it holds the record or world’s biggest reclining Buddha. It’s 180 meters long and 30 meters high.

It’s lying in the middle of a complex of stupa, shrines, monasteries, statues, and temples. The huge Buddha is the main attraction in the complex. You can also visit some other attractions to complete your experience.


After all, which temple do you prefer to visit first? If you have a lot of spare time, feel free to visit all of those amazing Myanmar Temples. For you who only have a limited amount of time in Myanmar, I would recommend you to visit the temple near the big city.