5 Best Maldive Underwater Restaurant Places To Visit

If you’re looking for the best Maldive underwater restaurant, you have come to the right page.

Maldives is a magical paradise. The country offers you a wonderful vacation experience with a beautiful view. The beauty of this paradise has spread all over the world. Besides accommodation, people may wanna have an exquisite dining experience.

Well, we’re not talking about the beach dining. It’s about something more trending these days, dining underwater. Some of the best underwater restaurants took place in Maldives. If you’re into such a unique kind of experience, you need to visit these restaurants.

1. Minus Six Meters Restaurant

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The first place you have to check out is this shining gem in Ozen’s crown. Besides the exotic and delicious cuisine, you will also be served with the incredible fine dining experience. You will be amazed by the charm of the surroundings.

This restaurant is a part of an exclusive resort. As part of the resort’s service, you can dine at this restaurant for free if you stay for more than 4 nights. The location of this underwater restaurant is about 20 feet under the sea.

It’s so surreal and it would be a perfect place for a romantic dinner with your partner. This restaurant is not only available for dinner. You can also visit this restaurant for lunch or even breakfast. It has a special Champagne breakfast you can choose to enjoy.

At some time, this place has some special themed events or parties. You have to book or reserve to save your spot. Minus Six Meters will cost about 100 to 300 bucks approximately. In the country, it’s located in Maadhoo Island, South Mal-Atoll, Maldives.

2. Subsix Underwater Restaurant

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This restaurant is quite literally the playground that’s placed under the sea. It’s like the first underwater nightclub in the Maldives. The decoration of this restaurant is exhilarating. The chairs look like sea anemones and the bar has a shell shape.

Those elements really give the aura of the sea. It seems like you’re inside the sea. Take a look at the ceiling. It’s all filled with coral-like chandeliers that are strengthened by the blue lighting. That completes the underwater experience in Subsix restaurant.

Just like the Minus Six Meters restaurant, this one also set up 20 feet under the sea. However, this restaurant is not part of a resort. It’s a stand-alone restaurant that’s placed in Niyama Private Island area. You have to take a speedboat and a three-tier staircase to get there.

The best time to visit this restaurant is on Wednesday and Saturday at 9 PM onwards. There will be an Underwater Glow Party taking place. Having dinner in this restaurant will cost you about 73 dollars for two people.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

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Many luxury travelers would like to call this restaurant as the mother of pearl. Itha undersea restaurant is one of the first underwater eating places in the Maldives. It’s also named as the number one underwater restaurant in the world.

If you’re looking for the best one, this is the underwater restaurant you have to visit. You’re gonna have a wonderful experience having dinner in this amazing place. It’s located 5 meters below the sea surface.

While having dinner, you can enjoy the beautiful coral gardens in 180 degrees panoramic views. Besides the breathtaking view of undersea, you will experience a dinner of a lifetime with the fusion menus that you can enjoy with fine wine.

Ithaa restaurant is open to be reserved for private events like weddings, dining, or any special occasions. Even though this place is underwater, you can still connect your device to the internet through the free Wi-Fi connection.

You can find this amazing restaurant in South Ari Atoll, Conrad Maldives. To get there, you can take a short local flight to the island and it’s only for about 30 minutes from the main city. What about the food? Well, you can enjoy contemporary European cuisine just for you.

4. SEA maldive Underwater Restaurant

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This restaurant offers you an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. You can enjoy the gourmet paradise while admiring the surreal ocean viewing. Besides a restaurant, this place is also functioned as a wine cellar. For that, it becomes the first underwater wine cellar in the world.

It will also serve you with the flawless degustation menus for dinner and lunch. For 4 years in a row, Sea restaurant has been chosen as the best underwater restaurant. The highlight of this dining place is the beautiful curved glass wall that gives a lot of elegance to the restaurant.

This restaurant is located at Anantara Kihavah Maldives. It’s about 6 meters below the sea surface to set up a perfect reflection of the exotic sea life of the Indian Ocean. In addition, You can visit this place from 12 pm to 2 pm for lunch and 6.30 pm to 10 pm for dinner.

SEA restaurant is well-known for its great wine. You can enjoy the rich taste of wine right from the cellar.

5. 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

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Just like its name, this restaurant is set 5.8 meters below the sea surface. It’s the star attraction in Hurawalhi island. It’s the largest panoramic maldive underwater restaurant in the world. While enjoying the incredible view of underwater life, you can enjoy the creative modern cuisine you’ll love.

The wine list and service are exceptional. However, it only has 8 tables available. So, you have to book or reserve a table first in the peak season. You can have an amazing dinner with your travel partner surrounded by hypnotic views of underwater life.

This restaurant has a minimalist design. It’s focused more on giving the panoramic view as large as possible than the restaurant design itself. For a complete experience in Hurawalhi Island, you can stay in the resort that offers you your own paradise.


Those five Maldive underwater restaurant places should be on your list. You have to visit at least one or two of them to experience the beauty of Maldives at its finest. Each restaurant has its own charm and different view of the underwater world. Hopefully, this post will help you decide.