10 Best Cafe In Mumbai To Enjoy A Cozy Ambience

Taking some rest and enjoying a cozy evening in a cafe in Mumbai is the best thing you can do to escape the crowd and give yourself some “me time” that you really want. There are some cozy cafes you can choose to enjoy in Mumbai.

Besides the relaxing ambiance that’s perfect for having a little talk with friends and family, or just having a cozy space just for you, they also serve delicious foods and drinks. You can enjoy the day or evening with a cup of coffee while working on your laptop, or reading a book.

Here are some of the best cafes you have to visit when you’re in Mumbai.

1. Prithvi Cafe, Best for Couples

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For those of you who need a place to spend a lovely evening with your partner, this is the place to g. It’s one of the best cafes in Mumbai that’s perfect for a couple. It offers an amazing ambiance and outdoor seating.

The outdoor seating decoration of this cafe makes this an ideal spot for romantic dinner. Check out that mood-lifting lights, it would light out your evening beautifully. Prithvi cafe has got you covered with their great service, price, ambiance, and of course taste.

Special Menu: You’ve got to taste their cheese toast and apple cinnamon muffin.

2. Leaping Windows, Best Coffee Shop

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If you just love books and reading, you have to come to this cafe in Mumbai. Reading a book accompanied by a cup of cappuccino is like heaven for many people. Leaping Windows have what they need, a cozy seating, books, and a cup of coffee.

This cafe is located in the Andheri West area of Mumbai and it’s considered as one of the best coffee shops in Mumbai. They serve some healthy munchies as a partner of your coffee cup.

Special Menu: Taste some of their Cajun Chicken Burger and Nutella Pancake

3. Central Perk 7, Unique Cafe

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This cafe is ranked among some of the most uniques cafes in the city. You will be served with a great atmosphere. Check out that marvelous collage pictures on the wall. That’s one of the things that makes this cafe interior quite unique to enjoy.

You can also see some combinations of exciting color that looks so interesting. It would make a perfect background for your Instagram photo.

Special Menu: When you’re here, you have to order the Mushroom Risotto and their Smoothie Chocolate.

4. Kala Ghoda Cafe, Simple and Quirky

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If you don’t like an ambiance that looks so eye-catching, you should hang out in this cafe. It’s located in Ropewalk Lane, Kala Ghoda. This is the best cafe for having brunch in the area. The interior got some quirky background to let you click selfies for your social media.

It’s small but it’s still cozy enough to let you enjoy your time with the others. The best thing about this cafe is the price. It’s the exact value of your money.

Special Menu: Just ask for a simple meal like a hot cup of coffee and waffles

5. Mirchi and Mime, Best Grill & Bar

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You might wanna know the fact that this cafe is only employed, differently-abled people. That’s what makes this place is so interesting. When you enter the cafe, the employees would greet you with a very big smile. Also, the mouthwatering food is waiting inside.

It’s recommended to come early to this place because it’s usually overbooked and pretty crowded. Besides great foods, you can also try their great drinks.

Special Menu: Most of the foods here are must-try but you may wanna order the prawns, curries, and kebabs first. That would amaze you immediately.

6. Leopold Cafe, Best Vintage Cafe

best cafe in bandra mumbai
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The first you entire this cafe, you will feel like you’re walking into a canteen at your college. The interior design looks old-school yet funky. Those decorations on the walls are the highlight of the interior.

Every time you visit this cafe, you will see a lot of foreigners hang out with friends and drinking beer. It’s one of the best vintage cafes you have to enjoy while in Mumbai.

Special Menu: This cafe packs a great menu. There’s no specific menu you have to order. All of them including appetizer, main course, and dessert is delicious.

7. Candies, All-time Favorite

cafe safar mumbai central
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This is one of the most favorite cafes to hang out in Mumbai. It’s the all-time favorite of Mumbaikars. That’s why on weekdays, they will have a lot of costumers. If you’re new in the city, people would recommend this cafe when you ask about the place to eat.

This cafe also has a gift store you can check out and buy some gifts. The name of the store is “Marry Me”. You can check out some of their collection of decor items, accessories, stationeries, and more.

Special Menu: Everything on the menu in this cafe is worth ordering. However, for a first impression, you should ask for the chicken sandwiches and cold coffee.

8. Taj Mahal Tea House, Vintage Indian Cafe

cafe in churchgate mumbai
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Hanging out in a cafe doesn’t have to be accompanied by a cup of coffee every time. For those who enjoy tea more, they can have some in the Taj Mahal Tea House in Bandra West. This old-school Indian cafe offers you a soothing atmosphere with calming classical music and a scent of fresh tea.

Special Menu: Order their chicken salad and matcha smoothie. If you want something more simple, you could just order their original tea.

9. Pali Village Cafe, Stylish French Rustic Place

cafe nagina mumbai central
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If you like hanging out and having a meal inside a charming place like this, you should go to Pali Village cafe in Bandra West. The rustic charm is like something that’s straight out of a French romantic movie.

Special Menu: This cafe offers you a quite sophisticated meal that you can enjoy with a glass of wine. Taste some of their Quinoa Salad and Chicken Sliders.

10. Cafe Mondegar, Popular Landmark Cafe

cafe in marine drive mumbai
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Apart from its menu, the thing that makes this cafe so interesting is the interior design. On the inner walls, you can admire the murals and cartoons painted by famous Indian cartoonist and painter named Mario Miranda. This cafe is so popular in Mumbai, you should come.

Special Menu: This cafe offers some Chinese and Italian delights which are all must-try.


All the cafe in Mumbai mentioned above will satisfy both your hunger and your need of space to relax. What to expect in Mumbai’s cafes is the delicious dishes with a pocket-friendly price.