Where to Stay in Seminyak: Accommodation List Near Tourist Sites

Before you go travelling to somewhere, deciding the accommodation and where to visit should be the first thing on the list of preparation. To your advantage, looking for the accommodations near tourist sites is a must. Well, this article will specifically discuss about tourist attractions and where to stay in Seminyak, Bali Island, Indonesia.

Worth-Visit Places in Seminyak

Seminyak has transformed into the most fashionable beach resort throughout the island of Bali. You can find numbers of extravagant hotels and villas, a super quality restaurants, and modern fashion stores.

However, since Seminyak’s position is less strategic than other beach like Kuta, for example, less visitors is expected thus leaves an impression that Seminyak is not as popular as Kuta.

Whereas, there are a lot of Seminyak’s appealing aspects to uncover which most of them are easy to accessed from where you stay in. The list is as follows.

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach Spa

Both Seminyak and Kuta Beach lay on the same coastline. Therefore, most of their characteristics are similar. For example, white sand, air condition, bright sun, and climate, almost all of them Kuta has can also be felt and seen in Seminyak Beach.

Actually, rather than Kuta, Seminyak Beach is more suitable for surfing activities due to its strong wind that leads to producing big waves.

Besides surfing, two other activities that probably will remind you for a long time of Seminyak Beach are sunset watching and horseback riding. For sunset watching, since Seminyak is located further to the west than Kuta Beach, the sun seen in Seminyak looked bigger, thus makes sunset more beautiful.

Meanwhile, for horseback riding, the activity starts from the Umalas stables in Canggu to Legian’s Blue Ocean Beach and Seminyak’s Petitenget coast area.

Petitenget Temple

Where to Stay in Seminyak Petitenget

Petitenget Temple, like any other temple in Bali, is notable. Though as old as centuries, Pura Petitenget – so the locals call it – still tend to be one of the few cultural tourist attraction at Bali’s most fashionable beach resort, Seminyak. And it is. Despite all the modern changes Seminyak has with the existence of five-star resorts all around, shopping center, fashion stores, and luxurious restaurants, its cultural characteristics are what draw tourists’ attention. Because, in this modern era, you can find all the modernism you need everywhere, but not for something so historical like this old temple.

All in all, Petitenget Temple is a tourist site that you must visit, particularly when the festival of 210-day anniversaries are being held. The festive day falls every 210 days according to Balinese Pawukon calendar. During the anniversary, you get to see the colorful embellished temple with parasols and banners, also a crowd of pilgrims that come to pray in their temple apparel.

Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali

Where to Stay in Seminyak Totem Room

Seminyak is not all about beach, sunbathe, or any other outdoor activities only. You can also have some fun in a closed area indoor in Seminyak. Go to Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali individually or with your team.

In Totem Room Escape, you are ‘obliged’ to solve a series of puzzles in rooms in such a way in order to escape from there. Feeling challenged much? Don’t be yet, before you know that your time solving the puzzles is limited by a digital timer.

So apparently, there are four designated rooms, each based on theme and represents different level of difficulty. The timer is set for 50 minutes long for each game. The first game theme is locked in Darkland, somewhat inspired by the classic tale, Alice in Wonderland. Next levels are Egyptian Secret, Mission Impossible, and Kidnapped.

At Egyptian Secret level, you play pretend as the slaves of Egypt who buried in a pharaoh’s ancient tomb. While Mission Impossible level makes you become an art thieves finding a way to some vault worth million dollar gold coins. And the last game, Kidnapped, is close to detective story.

Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali 3D

Where to Stay in Seminyak DMZ 3D

There is a fun art gallery in Seminyak which interacts its visitors called DMZ Bali 3D. DMZ, refers to Dream Museum Zone, features a comprehensive collection of murals that have the same size as the actual ones, and of course all of them are three dimensional.

Not to mention a complete arrangement of painted artworks that marvelously done as backdrops for creating a real situation as they are three-dimensionally portrayed.

Where to Stay in Seminyak: Accommodation Near Tourist Sites

1. The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa

Where to Stay in Seminyak Beach Resort
  • Location : Jalan Kayu Aya
  • Price : starts from US$ 280 or IDR 3,728,000 per night
  • Benefits : in front of Seminyak Beach, 5-minute walk from Petitenget Temple, on the same street as Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali
  • Offers : concierge service (assisting visitors’ private tours and recommend activites), the Kahyangan Spa (massage rooms, single rooms, salon, sauna, hot and cold plunge pool)

2. The Trans Resort Bali

Where to Stay in Seminyak The Trans
  • Location : Jalan Kerobokan
  • Price : starts from US$ 113 or IDR 1,505,000 per night
  • Benefits : 17-minute walk from Petitenget Temple
  • Offers : Kid’s Club (Arts and Crafts Area, Lego Station, Ship Playground, Children’s Library, Multimedia Area with Wi-Fi, Xbox, Kinetic and PS4 consoles, Tree House, Air Hockey, Baskin and Robbins counter), fitness center (cardio and strength training machines, weight training equipment)

3. The Samaya Seminyak

Where to Stay in Seminyak Samaya
  • Location : Jalan Laksmana
  • Price : starts from US$ 652 or IDR 8,680,000 per night
  • Benefits : in front of Seminyak Beach
  • Offers : situated within 2 hectares of tropical garden, e-concierge (easily book a pre-arrival concierge service via online),

4. The Oberoi Bali

Where to Stay in Seminyak Oberoi Hotel
  • Location : Jalan Kayu Aya
  • Price : starts from US$ 326 or IDR 4,340,000 per night
  • Benefits : in front of Seminyak Beach
  • Offers : unique experiences (Full Moon Celebration, Sunset Blessing at Petitenget Temple, Turtle Sanctuary, Renewal of Vows, Exotic Candlelight Dinner, Green Camp, Elephant Safari, Adventure Cycling, White Water Rafting, Topical Trekking, etc)

5. Hotel La Costa Central

Where to Stay in Seminyak La Costra
  • Location : Jalan Nakula
  • Price : starts from US$ 21 or IDR 280,000 per night
  • Benefits : on the same street as Dream Museum Zone, near Seminyak Beach
  • Offers : laundry, motorbike rent services, airport shuttle, concierge

And there it is, the list of accommodations that directs you to a selection of where to stay in Seminyak. Hope it helps you in deciding where to go and stay before you actually are there. Have a happy vacation!