9 Most Jaw-Dropping Thailand Cave Sites For Adventure Junkies

Besides its stunning beaches, caves are also famous tourist attractions in Thailand. This country is best-known for its beautiful nature, interesting culture, friendly people, and also delicious people. Most people love to visit Thailand cave because they want to have some unique vibes that it has to offer.

For tourist who loves to visit a place that will satisfy their adventure soul, Thailand is home to some of the most stunning and jaw-dropping caves in the world. Get ready to be amazed by the beautiful sights you are about to see.

1. Tham Khao Luang

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In the middle of the scenic beauty and beautiful beaches, rest an amazing Thailand cave. Tham Khao Luang cave is one of the best caves you have to visit when you are in the country. In fact, it should be put into your itinerary.

Similar to many caves in Thailand, this stunning cave was converted into a temple. It was converted by King Rama V of Thailand kingdom in honor of his predecessors. This cave area is open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Tham Khao Luang is located in Thongchai, The district of Mueang Phetchaburi, 7600, Thailand. It’s really recommended for you to come here when the sun is up right above the head to witness the stunning scenery made by the sunlight.

2. Phraya Nakhon Cave

pha thai cave national park
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It’s another highly-recommended cave to visit in Thailand. It took place inside the national park of Khao Sam Rot Yot. What makes this cave so special is the white sandy beaches, lush green forests, rugged mountains around it.

It’s got two chambers that allow sunlight stream to get inside the cave. That makes the main chamber named Kuha Karuhas pavilion to cherish, just like you see in the photo above. This park is open from 8 am to 4 pm.

The Khao Sam Rot Yot National Park is located in Amphoe Sam Roi Yot, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77120.

3. Wat Tham Suwan Khuha Cave Temple (Monkey Cave)

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Monkey Cave is one of the most popular caves in Thailand. You will definitely see so many monkeys walking and jumping around the area. Watch out! The monkeys can be feisty.

This cave temple is also home to a magnificent reclining gold statue of Buddha. It’s got plenty of room which is great for you who can get claustrophobic in tight spaces. This unique cave is located in Krasom, Takue Thung, Phang-Nga, Thailand.

4. Phi Hua To Cave (Big-Headed Ghost Cave)

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This cave is located nearby the Than Bok Khorani National Park. It’s the most popular cave in Krabi. Phi Hua To is also well-known as Big-Headed Ghost Cave which is apt considering what happened in the past.

Many people believed that this cave has been a burial site over 3,000 years ago. Probably, there are plenty of skulls that have been uncovered in this site. Another thing that this temple is well-known for is the tiger paw that is embedded in the stone.

This Krabi’s caves is located in Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek District. The limestone caves are adorned with prehistoric paintings depicting marine animals, and humans. It’s got mangrove forests all around.

5. Tham Lot Cave

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It’s a paradise of adventure junkies. If you are seeking for adventure in a giant stunning cave, you can experience the magical adventure here in the Tham Lot cave. It took place about 40 minutes away from Pai in Sappoing.

There are amazing teak coffins that were carved by the Lawa people that have been there for a thousand years. That gives the cave great archeological importance. That’s why Tham Lot cave is also well-known as a coffin cave.

This is not the save that you can easily come in and out. It’s the one that needs an expert guide to explore. It’s located in Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son.

6. Mae Lana Cave

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This cave is considered as the one that has the longest navigable area in Thailand. It’s 12 kilometers long.

Within the cave, there’s a river system. You need to get on the bamboo rafts just like the local people. If you want to explore deeper into the cave, you have to hire a professional guide for that. This cave is located in Pang Ma Pha District in Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand.

7. Tham Chiang Dao Caves

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These limestone temple caves consist of over 100 caves in the complex. The temple caves extend over 10kms into the range of mountain. You can explore as many caves as you want. Of course, there are some of the most recommended caves you have to get in to.

Many of the caves had Buddha images, shrines, and statues. If you want to get into the area, you have to pay a small entrance fee. For adventure junkie, you can explore deeper into the caves by hiring a local guide to show you the way.

The hiking trails are also part of the attraction in Chiang Dao complex. Tham Chiang Dao is located in Chiang Dao District in Chiang Mai Thailand.

8. Krabi’s Viking Cave

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It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Krabi. It’s not easy to reach the cave since it’s located right below a giant cliff. You can get close to the cave using boats. You can witness and capture the beautiful ancient cave.

This amazing cave lies at the emerald-like sea surface. As the name implies, there’re some beautiful paintings of Viking ships on the cave walls. It’s located in Koh Phi Pho Ley, Ao Nang, Krabi.

9. Kanchanaburi’s Snake Mountain Cave (Lawa Cave)

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Take a look at this breath-taking pictures of what’s inside the Snake Mountain Cave. This stunning cave is named Tham Lum Khao Ngu. It holds the world’s tallest cave column, and stands about 200 feet tall.

It has the impressive structure provides a breathtaking sight that really drops your jaw. It’s located in the area of Lam Klong Ngu National Park, Kanchanaburi Thailand.


There you have it, 9 most jaw-dropping Thailand caves you have to visit. We made this list for any of you who are adventure junkies. If you want to explore deeper in the cave, you’re gonna need to hire the guide. You can just visit one Thailand cave from the list and prepare to be awe-struck.