9 Best Places To Visit In The Exotic Sumatra Island

Planning to visit Sumatra island? This island is very popular for its incredible wildlife, beautiful panorama, and friendly people. It’s located on the west side of Indonesia. The island consists of different provinces.

Compared to Lombok or Bali, Sumatra island is not so popular among tourists. It’s one of the less-visited islands in Indonesia. This exotic island offers a completely different side of an amazing country. It’s got gorgeous primary rainforest with exotic wildlife, soft sandy beaches, and unique cultures.

For those of you who are planning to visit Sumatra island, you need to know where to go and what to see during your visit. So, for your references, there are places you have to visit in Sumatra.

1. Lake Toba, Medan, South Sumatra

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Lake Toba is one of the main attractions in Sumatra. It’s located in South Sumatra which is around 5 hours away by road from the Medan city. This lake has the claim to be the world’s largest crater lake of its kind.

Scientifically, this lake is the result of a massive volcanic eruption many years ago. According to the local legend, Lake Toba is a wish of a magic fish. Whatever it is, this lake is one of the top sights in the country.

You can enjoy the amazing view while going on a boat to Samosir island in the middle of the lake. In this island, you can visit the cultural village. Getting to know about the local’s handicraft, Batak house, and more.

This is the best place for tourist who loves to experience the amazing nature and traditional culture of the locals in one visit.

2. Mentawai Islands, Padang, West Sumatra Island

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The Mentawai Islands consist of 70 little islands located in Padang, West Sumatra. For those of you who like surfing this is the best spot, you have to visit. It’s even popular among professional surfers across the world.

It’s become the second surfing spot to visit after visiting Bali during the surf season. Besides surfing, you can enjoy other amazing water sports, swimming, and also trekking. Many of the islands in Mentawai are covered in rainforest.

3. Belitung, Bangka-Belitung Islands

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It’s an island that offers the beauty of the seashore landscape with cobalt blue seas. This island is located on the east coast of Sumatra. It sits in the sea of Java which becomes part of the Bangka-Belitung islands.

Two of the best beaches you must visit are Tanjung Kelayang Beach and Tanjung Tinggi Beach. The white sandy beaches with craggy granite rock formations are waiting for you. You can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and going on a boat trip in Belitung.

For your information, this island is very popular among Indonesians. It becomes more popular since it becomes the location of an award-winning film.

4. Pasir Putih Beach, Lampung

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Lampung can be mentioned as one of the best hidden gems in the region because there’re really less amount of foreigners that ever come to the province. Pasir Putih Beach means White Sands Beach in Bahasa.

You can take your time walking around the beach and feel the cool breeze from the sea. After enjoying this amazing beach, you can take a trip to Kiluan to see dolphins that swim in the waters.

5. Nias, Sumatra Island

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As we know, Bali is the best place to surf in Indonesia, even in the continent of Asia. That’s unfortunate for other surfing spots in Indonesia because they are probably far from Bali. Nias Island, for example, it also offers a nice spot for surfing which is located in Sumatra Island.

The island of Nias is ideal for you who are looking for some waves during your visit to Sumatra. It’s similar to Bali but less crowded. If you want to enjoy surfing and diving, just rent the equipment nearby.

Besides, tourists can also visit the locals to see the infamous stone jumping tradition. It’s the popular local attraction on the island where local men have to clear a high stone jumping in one try.

6. Batusangkar, West Sumatra

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In Bahasa, Batusangkar means “Stone Cage”. It’s known to be the most culturally essential places in Sumatra. It’s part of Tanah Datar Regency in West Sumatra province. There’s a range of historical events in this region.

One of the attractions you must see during your visit is the Fort van der Capellen which is originally from the Dutch colonial period. Another attraction you should see in Batusangkar is the traditional festival like Pacu Jawi.

Pacu Jawi is a cow racing on a muddy field around Batusangkar. You will enjoy this amazing experience of watching the Jockeys race in the fields. You have to keep in touch with the locals to know about the schedule of the race because it changes every year.

7. Weh Island, Aceh, Sumatra Island

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Pulau Weh or We are the small volcanic island located off the west coast of Sumatra island. It’s once connected with Sumatra island but it’s got separated as the result of the explosion of a volcano in the past.

Weh island is one of the most exquisite, panoramic islands in the country. It’s the must-visit spots in Aceh province because it’s not too far from the city. It offers you beautiful sands with clearest waters in the region.

Enjoy diving and snorkeling to maximize your experience on Weh island. Just rent some equipment nearby. Also, there are a bunch of guesthouses with some reasonable prices.

8. Way Kambas National Park, Lampung

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For those who like to explore the wildlife of Sumatra, Way Kambas is the place to visit. It’s the oldest national park in Indonesia. This is a training place and home for Sumatran elephants. At least, there are over 200 elephants in Way Kambas which is protected by the Government.

This national park is like the Africa of Indonesia. Besides elephants, there are many other species that are waiting for you in Way Kambas.

9. Mount Kerinci, Jambi

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Kerinci is the highest volcanic mountain in Southeast Asia with an altitude over 3800 MDPL. It’s located in the border area of Jambi and West Sumatra. Administratively, this mountain is a part of Kerinci Seblat National Park.

To get to this location, you need to go to Kersik Tuo Village, Kayu Aro Subdistrict, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province. It will take about 3 hours and a half from downtown. You will witness the beautiful panorama of the highest mountain.


If you are planning to go to Sumatra Island, all of those places should be added into your itinerary. It’s guaranteed for you to have an amazing time during your visit to the island.