Top Shopping Places and Stores In Vietnam

Shopping places and stores in Vietnam should be considered as an important part of your trip in the country. You can take home some part of Vietnam’s beauty. What most tourists know about Vietnam is the charming beachscape, lush greenery, culture, monuments, and its babbling rivers.

Visiting shopping places should be listed as part of the itinerary. You can experience the culture, the beauty, the people, and the cuisine of Vietnam is through its stores and markets. Here are some of the top places for shopping in Vietnam.

1. Hang Gai and Hang Bac Street

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Take your time to look around things showcased in the shops in this street market. The street of Hang Gai and Hang Bac is a perfect place if you’re looking for souvenirs like greeting cards, folk paintings, table lamps, bamboo notebooks, and many more.

This street is located in Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi. Specifically, Hang Bac street is full of souvenir shops while Hang Gai specialized in embroidery and silk.

2. Quang Ba Flower Market

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This is the trading place for roses, orchids, daisies, cherry blossoms, and sunflowers. The beautiful colors made from the flower arrangement making this market a must-visit shopping place in Vietnam. You don’t have to buy the flowers to enjoy the market, it will be a treat for eyes and soul.

Besides the visual, you can also get the aromatic experience walking through the market. Even though you’ll be satisfied just by seeing the beautiful flowers, the trip won’t be complete without buying a few fresh flowers in this place.

3. Hanoi Street Night Market

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This street market is located in Ha Noi Vietnam. When the night comes, you can see so many lighted signs that make the market more festive. There are over 4 thousand shops in this street night market.

You can find almost everything that comes to mind. You can purchase some clothes, accessories, household appliances, crafts, arts, souvenirs, and more. Besides, you can also enjoy some authentic street foods in Vietnam and many other foods to complete your shopping.

4. Ben Tanh Market

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There’s no trip that can complete without buying some Vietnam souvenir gifts and souvenirs to take home. When you’re in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam, you should come by to Ben Tanh market. It’s considered as the most popular shopping place or store in the city.

The market is located in the Quach Thi Trang site that accommodates hundreds of shops, stalls, and stores in Vietnam. It’s also filled with historic architectural and cultural values.

5. Dong Xuan Market

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When you’re in Ha Noi, this market is the place to shop. It’s like the biggest name among other markets in the city. It’s been operated for over a hundred years. Until now, this market seems to be irreplaceable.

This market is located in the Old Quarter. You can find all the souvenirs you need that really represent Vietnam’s beauty. Something like accessories, paintings, embroideries, ceramics, and other souvenirs would be a perfect gift for the family.

6. Saigon Square

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This place is like the Shopping Paradise in Vietnam. They are packed with many rich and nice items that have sensible prices with promotions all the time. This store is not only visited by the locals. There are also many international visitors who enjoy shopping here.

This store will become so crowded on the weekends and holidays. You can buy some fashionable clothing for all seasons. Coming into the market, you can feel the busy and bustling atmosphere that features bright and clean air conditions. The shopping will so comfortable.

7. Lantern Stores in Hoi An


There are many stores in the street around Hoi An that sell colorful traditional lanterns. The Lantern of Hoi An becomes the culture of the old town. It’s made quite nicely, lightweight. You can carry around the lantern without an effort.

You can find the stores that sell these lanterns on Tran Phu Street and nearby. While walking down the street, you can see the colorful lanterns well-arranged in front of the stores. The price is not that expensive and it would make a great Vietnam souvenir too.

8. Vincom Mega Mall

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This time, we’re not talking about a market on the street. This is the modern-day mall that would aw you. Vincom Mega Mall is the most popular shopping place in the country. It’s so high on architecture.

You can find many well-being stores that look so attractive. Besides shopping, the mall offers some fun activities that you can enjoy in the building, such as indoor skiing, watching movies, experiencing Waterworld and other activities. On the weekend, this place will be crowded.

9. Tan My Design Store


If you’re looking for quality of affordability, you should come to this store. Tan My Design is a great place for shoppers that want to buy some quality accessories and merchandise. This is a multi-utility store that also has a fine range of jewelry and fashionable goods.

You can find Tan My Design store in Hanoi Vietnam. The attractive design of Women jewelry pieces in the store is the one you’ve been looking for.

10. Bac Ha Fair


This shopping place is located in Lao Cai. It’s considered as one of the largest places to shop in Northern Vietnam. What makes this market quite special is the location. It’s located in Bac Ha district that’s placed right in the high mountains area.

Even though it’s in Lao Cai city, it would take about 76 km to get to the Bac Ha district. Mainly, this market is also used as a gathering place to sell buffaloes and horses. The concept and design of this market are still pristine and having a special characteristic.

11. Dam Market

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This market is the first one in Nha Trang. It’s right in the middle of the Nha Trang city center. In this city, this market is the busiest one. Besides various goods that you can buy, you can also enjoy sightseeing the beautiful architecture of this market.

Every day, there are about a thousand visitors coming to the Dam Market during the tourist season. You can buy some daily needs, clothes, and toys. You can also purchase some souvenirs like handicraft products.


There are actually a lot of stores in Vietnam you can visit. However, all the market and stores mentioned above has everything ready for you. Let’s buy some souvenirs.