Phillippine Travel Guide For Budget Travelers

If you’re a backpacker or just a casual traveler who wants to save money for your trip, then this phillippine travel guide is made for you. This country offers you a different experience from traveling to other southeast Asian countries.

The Philippines stretches across the North Pacific Ocean. You can’t go wrong with going to the Philippines on a budget. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, watersport activities, and friendly local people.

Where to go

For a traveler on a budget or a backpacker, the Philippines has great offerings. Many places in the country are affordable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on hotels, activities, and shopping. Here are some unpopular places to Visit in the Philippines for travelers on a budget.

1. Tagaytay


This place would be a great recommendation for your trip to the Philippines whether you want it to be short or a day trip. When in Tagaytay, you should visit the Sky Ranch amusement park. The park would be a great destination to spend the entire day.

Besides, you can visit the Picnic Grove to enjoy the view and the weather while having a picnic with friends. There are a lot of restaurants or coffee shops you can visit to rest for a while. You can find some budget accommodation to support your style.

2. Potipot Island

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It’s a destination for you who want to find a beach getaway on a budget. Potipot island is a beautiful beach paradise that won’t charge your credit card. You can get there by taking about seven hours. The long ride is definitely worth it.

You don’t have to book a resort to enjoy this beach getaway. Just bring your own food and a tent if you want to spend the night on the beach.

3. Intramuros

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Check out this amazing sight of the Walled City. You can enjoy it for free. This historic place offers you an interesting sight that would tell you about the past of the country. While enjoying the sights, you can also join a tour and learn about the history directly from the guide.

The Walled City of Intramuros is located in Manila. It offers a different atmosphere compared to Manila’s main street. You won’t see the busy and crowded version of Manila in Intramuros.

4. Nuvali Evolving

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It’s the top destination for tourists who love outdoor adventures. You can also relax and unwind in a place that’s still close to the city. Take a road trip with friends to explore the entire place. You can enjoy a live concert and movie outdoor for free.

The challenging bike trails are very famous in Nuvali. There are many restaurants that you can have a food trip to.

5. Bataan


If you only have about a thousand peso in your pocket, you can choose to spend a day in beautiful Bataan. There are some places you can visit in Bataan to fulfill your exploration. You can visit some interesting sites like the Majestic Balanga Church, the Museum, many others.

The Bataan trip won’t be completed without visiting the Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar that is located in Bagac.

Accommodation in the Philippines

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The accommodation prices are varied according to where you are and how tourists the destination is. The best recommendation you can get if you’re a backpacker, you should aim for a hostel as the place to stay.

There so many hip hostels available in Manila. Most of them are good bases for a traveler like you. However, hostels are not very common in other places besides Manila. You just have to search for it carefully to find the best hostel or hotel with the best price.

For your information, there are several hostels in both Palawan and Boracay island nowadays. You can find all the information on their websites. Another option you can choose is a basic bungalow. IN those ilands, there are some basic bungalows by the beach available for budget travelers.

Instead of staying in apartments, you can save more money while you’re in the Philippines by having an Airbnb instead. Don’t forget to book first.

Philippine Travel Budget


The question still remains, how much do you need to be satisfied with your Philippines trip. Before that, you need to know the exchange rate of this country. For one dollar, you can get 50 Philippine pesos. You can exchange the money in the exchange offices and ATMs.

The fees for withdrawal in ATM are 200 philippine pesos. The withdrawal is limited until 10 thousand pesos.

Entrance Fees

You won’t spend a lot of money on entrance fees in the Philippines. For example, if you want to enter the Kawasan Falls destination area, the fees are less then a dollar. You can enjoy the greatness of the waterfalls for the whole day.

Accommodation Budget

The accommodation in the Philippines is less than 20 US dollars for a guesthouse room. So, if you do phillippine travel with a friend, you would only need to pay 10 dollars each for a room. For budget accommodation, you can try AirBnB that would start from 800 philippine pesos.

Local Transportation

For your information, the transportation fee in the Philippines is so cheap. You can take jeepneys that would cost you only 12 cents per ride. If you want to take bugs short or long distances, it’s only a dollar per hour. It’s so affordable, right?

Phillippine Travel Budget Per Day

Traveling in the Philippines for a day, you might spend about 35 to 30 US dollars. That budget would include sleeping, eating, and transportation. One thing you should remember. You can split all the budget when you do phillippine travel with a partner.

If you want the budget with the entrance fee and some activities included, you might spend less than 40 dollars per day.

Travel Tips in the Philippines

  • Speak English because the majority of the locals know the language. It’s, in fact, the official language in the country.
  • Expect lots of rice and fish in a local delicacy.
  • Make sure you know where is the no go areas in the country
  • Say hello and be friendly to the Filipinos
  • Don’t miss the beautiful places like Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, and Siargao.
  • Make sure the meter is turned on when you’re taking a taxi.
  • Find more information about rubbish disposal in the country.
  • Be generous with your pesos.


After reading this whole travel-guide post, you are now ready to go to the Philippines. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in the Philippines and still, you can enjoy the phillippine travel like never before.