12 Phillippine Beach Destination Besides Boracay

The very first thing that comes to mind about Phillippine beach must be Boracay. It’s true, The gorgeous Boracay beach is one of the most popular destinations that travelers want to visit in the Philippines.

We understand why the beach destination in Boracay is so popular. The tourists would be offered with the beautiful crystal clear waters and its white, powdery sand. It’s an insta-worthy view for everyone.

However, as a traveler, you may wanna have some other options to explore Phillippine completely. So, here it is. Some of the best beaches in the Philippines that you need to visit.

1. Marimegmeg Beach, Palawan

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This beach destination is located nearby El Nido town. It’s often referred to as the last Philippines frontier. There are stretches of white sand, mesmerizing lagoons, limestone cliffs, and serene blue water. The amazing limestone rock formations complete the beautiful combination.

You can witness some dolphins jumping around when the season is right. There are over a hundred fish species you can find in Marimegmeg beach. It becomes a perfect spot for snorkeling and also scuba diving.

2. Dumaluan Beach, Panglao Island

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Many tourists consider this beach as the most beautiful one on the island. It’s also ranked as one of the best beach destinations people have to visit in the country. Spending a day in Dumaluan Beach should be something to be put on the itinerary list.

After that, you can visit some other sites nearby such as a popular Church that has an impressive Roman and Byzantine design architecture on the building.

3. Cloud Nine Reef, Siargao Island

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This phillippine beach doesn’t only offer beautiful views of the surroundings but also the spectacular waves. That’s the reason why Cloud Nine Roof becomes more popular among surfers. In fact, there’s an annual surfing competition on this island that’s called the Siargao Cup.

However, Cloud Nine Reef is not just ideal for surfers. If you’re not a surfer, you can still enjoy the natural beauty of the Philippines. It would be so fantastic.

4. Gigantes Island, Iloilo

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The white sand that’s combined with the pristine blue water would make a perfect spot for sunbathing in Iloilo. Spend some of your time at Tangke. It’s a secluded saltwater lagoon that offers an impressive sight that you can see.

5. El Nido, Palawan

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In the exotic island of Palawan, you can visit El Nido beach. This destination has an extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem. El Nido was ranked number 14 among others in 10 best beaches around the world from the version of CNN.

However, according to the international travel magazine named Travel + Leisure, the best island in the world is the Philippines’ Palawan. El Nido is known for its bird’s nest soup. You need to try one to taste the authentic dish and eat like the locals.

6. Panglao Island, Bohol

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It’s a great alternative to Boracay. It’s quite similar to Boracay that boasts fins white sands and pristine blue water. The diving spots in Panglao island are considered as one of the best among other beaches in the Philippines.

There are about 250 species under the water. You will have some fun diving into the water in Panglao island. Besides Dumaluan, Doljo beaches area must-visit destination.

7. Coron Beach, Palawan

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When in Coron, you’ve got to try the wreck diving. You would witness the Japanese shipwrecks that come from World War II in the past. You can explore the structure of the shipwrecks and learn a little bit of history behind it.

The shipwrecks become a home to many coral reefs that make it a great diving spot. Another best spot to dive in Coron is at Lusong Gunboat. You can view the famous Coral Garden. Besides, you will admire the breathtaking scenery all around with the karst limestone cliffs and turquoise waters.

8. Bitaog Beach, Catanduanes

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There aren’t many people who know about this beach destination. It’s known as the best-hidden beaches in the country. It’s the place for you to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. You will admire the sense of seclusion with a serene ambiance.

This stunning phillippine beach offers its visitors with the crystal clear waters, powdery white sand, and amazing rock formations. You can relax your day by sunbathing on the sandy beach, then go for a swim or snorkeling.

9. Jomalig Island, Quezon Province

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Similar to Bitaog beach, this destination is like the secluded unspoiled sanctuary. Even though this place offers you with such majestic beauty. Getting to this island is quite difficult. You will need to take a six-hour boat ride.

However, it’s worth the ride. It’s a perfect place for you who’s looking for a relaxing place to unwind.

10. Great Santa Crus Island, Zamboanga

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It’s best known as the Pink sand beach of the Philippines. This insta-worthy destination is something you’ve probably never seen before. It’s a fantastic beach with a unique color of Pink. It’s an unusual color for beach sand.

This phillippine beach was listed as one of the 21 best beaches in the world according to National Geographic in the year 2017.

11. Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

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This site is protected by UNESCO since 1973. It’s located in Oriental Mindoro province which is the southern part of Manila city. This amazing site boasts wonderful white sand beaches that are great for snorkeling, sailing, swimming, and relaxation.

For those of you who love diving, Puerto Galera offers a great spot for that. This site is known as one of the most diverse diving spots in Asia. According to the research, the marine species in Puerto Galera is the densest one in the world.

12. Mactan Island, Cebu

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This island is a home to over four hundred thousand people. It’s a lot of people for one small island. In addition, there will be more people coming during the peak season since there are so many spots and attractions for tourists in Mactan Island.

Its rich marine biodiversity makes this coral island great for snorkeling and diving too. One of the recommended activities you can do here is the island hopping. There are numerous islets compose this island for an ideal island hoping.


To experience the Phillippine beach destination at its finest, it’s recommended to visit them in the offseason. Some beaches tend to be overcrowded during peak season. So, you should avoid it.