11 Best Phillipines Resorts To Visit This Year

If you’re looking for some of the best phillipines resorts for references for your next trip, this post is just for you.

The Philippines has over 7 thousand islands. A lot of those islands have been transformed into a bustling metropolis. However, there are still many islands left undisturbed by human influence more or less.

Many tourists like to come to the country because there are so many options for budget-friendly destinations. For those of you who are looking for luxury, you may wanna choose to stay in a resort. Choose one of these resorts to maximize your experience in the Phillippines.

1. Shangri-La’s Boracay

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For a luxury beach resort recommendation, this place is the winner. Staying in Shangri-La’s Boracay, you will feel like you are on a deserted island. It’s surrounded by lush vegetation that gives a very intimate feel to the atmosphere.

This resort is located on the Puka Shell Beach of Boracay island. You can enjoy the full-service spa that will give you the Chinese and Philippine style of treatments. Try having dinner at a cliff-top restaurant which is specialized in seafood.

2. Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

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This wonderful resort is located in Puerto Princesa. So, it would be a perfect vacation getaway on a private island. There are some beach villages and bay cottages that can accommodate your needs in the resort.

You’ve got to spend some nights in this resort and spa when you’re visiting Palawan. To reach the island, you will take about an hour and a half using a boat. When you arrive at the island, you will be greeted by the resort’s staff. They would even play a song for you.

3. Club Paradise Palawan

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One of the stunning phillipines resorts you have to visit to make your stay more memorable. This amazing resort would be a great pick for your stay if you think about getting a tropical vacation. Club Paradise Palawan is located on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean.

In addition, this resort won TripZilla Excellence Awards in 2018 as the Best Luxury Hotel in the country. You’ll be surrounded by dreamy sand beach and lush greenery. You can also enjoy the mouth-watering seafood dish at the restaurant.

4. The Bellevue Resort Bohol

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Located in the Southern Philippines, The Bellevue Resort is a quite popular place to stay in the country. It’s known because of the iconic beachfront accommodations. This historic five-star resort offers some top-class services. It would keep you and the other guests happy.

The phillipines resorts is built on the island of Panglao in which you will get a better way to spend the summer season.

5. Amorita Resort

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It’s an award-winning resort that’s also located in Panglao. You can reach the resort from the International Airport for only 10 minutes. This luxurious property is located in a great spot for snorkellers and divers.

You don’t have to be a professional to do the diving and snorkeling. You can even do the activities right from the resort because there’s a diving center within Amorita Resort. Try swimming in the infinity pool and try to capture some Instagram-worthy pictures while in the pool.

You can taste some delicious foods in the Saffron Restaurant which has a famous dish, Chicken Binakol. If you’re on a vacation with the family, the resort would also make sure that everyone can find something they like to do here.

6. The Funny Lion

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When talking about a luxurious vacation at its finest, Palawan is the place to go. There’s a resort in Palawan that offers a unique concept, called The Funny Lion. This resort has a wildlife theme that’s eager to bring you closer to nature.

Get the best panoramic view from the rooftop of the resort. You can see the breathtaking view of lush mangrove forest and a mountain view from afar. On the rooftop, you can soak in the plunge pool to relax your body after a whole day of fun activities.

7. El Nido PHILLIPINES Resorts

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This eco-sanctuary resort is located on Lagen Island. This place is designed as preservation to the environment around the resort. You can see clearly that there are two sides to the resort that offers a completely different view.

On one side, you can see the lush forest that brings you close to nature. On the other side, you can admire the beauty of tranquil bay waters. The two types of the environment come in harmony surround the El Nido Resorts.

The forest area will offer you some adventure activities such as bird watching, wildlife watching, walking around exploring the jungle. The tranquil bay water allows you to do sailing and swimming.

There other activities you can enjoy such as hiking, working out at the fitness center, and getting a relaxing massage. All of them are organized by the resort.

8. Eskaya Resort

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It’s quite close to the Amorita resort. You can just walk down the beach. You will also find this exclusive and luxurious Eskaya resort.

The accommodation in the Eskaya resort is filled with traditional Filipino architecture. This is the perfect resort to choose if you want to connect with the cultural history of the Phillippines. In this resort, there’s only a total of 15 villas available.

So, you need to book a reservation first to get a villa, especially in the peak season. You can get the villas with a private pool in it. However, there are only 11 villas available with the pool.

9. Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

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In this resort, you will have a chance to embrace the view of the underground river. The river is declared as the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Then, you will admire the beautiful view of the sandy beaches right from your bedroom.

10. Tapanee Beach Resort

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You will be welcomed by the enchanting views of the sunset that you can only see from this resort. It’s settled on a small hill of this sandy private beach. However, this site is only open for the guests of the resort.

The wooden architecture of the building gives a low-key touch to the resort which is surrounded by tropical forests.

11. Atmosphere Resort

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This resort is located in Dumaguete which is a heaven for both divers and photographers. Then, one thing that makes this resort special other than its luxurious facilities is the concept It promotes a healthy lifestyle. You can prove by trying their secret spa garden in the middle of waterfalls.


With such wonderful places to stay, you don’t need to wait any longer to spend your vacation in the Philippines. Choose one of those best phillipines resorts to maximize your experience in the country of thousands of islands.