11 Must-Try Philippines Food Without Pork

Philippines food is varied and delicious. There is a wide variety of options you can go with. From the cringe-worthy balut to the ubiquitous adobo. Filipino cuisine already has its place on the global culinary stage. It’s one of the most favorite cuisines in the whole world.

If you’re planning to visit the Philippines, you need to visit some places that offer the authentic gourmet of the Philippines. Here are 11 Philippines foods that many people love.

1. Adobo

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This one is the national dish of the Philippines. You can even get to eat Adobo in the country you’re in right now. This dish is very popular all over the world. However, you can only get the best and the most authentic ones in the Philippines, its original country.

Adobo gets the flavor from the combination of garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, black pepper, and bay leaves. For a more spicy taste, some chili peppers will be added. You can get Adobo with chicken and some other meats.

2. Humba

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If you’ve ever heard of Adobo, this dish is quite similar to that. However, this one has banana blossoms and tausi included. Tausi is a fermented black bean paste. Those two ingredients make Humba has a sweeter taste than adobo.

Usually, this dish has pork in it. You can also ask for Humba with beef too. You can get Humba in the southern islands of the country. Locals call this dish as the Cebu’s version of Adobo. You have to try both Humba and Adobo to compare. Which one you will prefer?

3. Sinangag

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It’s a simple garlic fried rice. Sinangag is like the basic dish and it’s usually coming with the meat. It’s so easy to make. The cook fries the white rice in a pan and adds a lot of garlic in it to be mixed. Some other forms of Sinangag are mixed with eggs or veggies, just like Chinese fried rice.

The reason why it’s only mixed with garlic because the rice is set to be enjoyed along with the meat. It won’t overpower the meat’s flavor. Sinangag is the alternative option to the plain white rice.

4. Kinilaw

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It’s an exotic food from the Philippines that you have to try. This dish consists of raw fish slices that are marinated in vinegar. There are other ingredients combined in the dish such as calamansi juice, pepper, salt, and chili peppers.

Literally the name of the dish ”Kinilaw” means “Eaten Raw” in Filipino. Unlike most Filipino foods, this food is pretty light. It could be a healthy alternative for you who want an interesting appetizer.

5. Chicken Inasal

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It’s a Filipino roast Chicken. This dish doesn’t taste like any other roast chickens in the world. Visayan Island is an original region that perfected the dish. Inasal is made by marinating the chicken with ginger, calamansi juice, and lemongrass.

Then, the chicken is roasted over a fire and covered with annatto oil. A restaurant usually serves the roasted chicken with rice and a soy sauce dip. An outstanding taste of Inasal is something you don’t wanna miss.

6. Arroz Caldo

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The influence of Chinese and Spanish is present in Arroz Caldo. It’s one of the most recommended healthy Philippines food in the country. It’s a mix of rice and chicken in a porridge that’s stewed in broth, ginger, chives, and saffron.

You can get an interesting soothing effect while eating Arroz Caldo. The health benefit will also affect you in the stomach. A bowl of Arroz Caldo would be a perfect breakfast.

7. Lumpia

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A light lunch dish you have to taste in the Philippines. Lumpia is inspired by Chinese cuisine. However, the Philippines has a version of its own. This deep-fried spring roll has some veggies and minced meat fillings.

The sauce is very important for this dish. When you get the right taste for the sauces, the Lumpia would taste so much better than without the sauce. After trying Lumpia, you will never see a deep-fried spring roll the same way again.

8. Bistek Tagalog

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If you think Bistek is the way Filipino says “Beef Steak”, you are not completely wrong. Bistek Tagalog is a different kind of philippines food but it’s quite similar to beef steak. It’s made from thin slices of sirloin beef.

It’s quite similar to the Spanish version of Beef Steak. However, Filipino use local ingredients for flavors such as onions, black pepper, soy sauce, and calamansi. That’s what makes Bistek Tagalog is so special.

9. Caldereta

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It’s a spicy stew cooked goat meat or beef which is traditionally prepared. The Caldereta is a mix of a goat meat with coconut cream, tomato sauce, and ground liver. It’s also like the other version of the Indonesian Rendang dish. If you like rendang, you will love Caldereta. They both have similar taste but it’s still different.

10. Halo-Halo

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It’s about time for a dessert. Halo-Halo is a must-try dish for dessert. It’s the all-time favorite dish to complete the meal after the main course. This colorful dessert is usually served in a tall bowl or glass.

Halo-Halo is a mix of evaporated milk and refreshing shaved ice. Then, the ice is topped with some colorful ingredients. Besides the ice and milk, the bowl will be filled with boiled kidney beans, sugar palm fruit, garbanzos, sweetened plantains, and young coconut.

Sometimes, they topped Halo-Halo with ice cream and leche flan. People called this dessert this as Halo-Halo is just because it literally means “Mixed Together”. It’s a perfect dish you should enjoy during a hot summer’s day in the Philippines.

11. Silog

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The last but not the least dish to try in the Philippines is Silog. It’s a complete dish that’s filled with garlic fried rice, egg, and meat. Locals have Silog for breakfast. Because of the popularity and high demand, Silog has become the dish that you can eat any time of the day.

There are many versions of Silog available in the country. Some of the most popular are Tapsilog, Tocilog, and Longsilog. You should try the tapsilog. After you taste your first Silog dish, you will definitely in love with this fantastic local dish.


There are many other foods that you can try in the Philippines. All of them would taste better when you enjoy them in the original country. Those 11 Philippines food is guaranteed to satisfy inner gourmet. Eating the authentic local foods would make your visit in the Philippines more memorable.