The Ultimate Guide To The Exotic Island Of Palawan Philippines

If you’ve been looking for some beautiful and exotic islands in south-east Asia, you may have heard of Palawan islands in the Philippines. It can be your perfect exquisite destination for your next vacation. Palawan is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

Philipines has over 7,000 islands and Palawan is one of the most popular ones. Many people who have visited the island described it as paradise. This travel guide will show you everything you need to know to make a great trip in Palawan Philippines.

How To Get To Palawan, Philippines

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The capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa has an airport with international standard but there’s an only limited amount of flights that fly in from abroad. So, if you have enough budget and effort to book the flight directly from abroad, that way would be more efficient.

Most visitors reach Palawan by taking a domestic flight from the bigger airports in the Philippines. Mostly, they fly from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Metro Manila. The reasons why people prefer domestic flight because of its affordability.

However, the tickets price will be increased significantly during peak seasons like Christmas, Summer vacation, and Holy Week. If you plan to go on peak season, it’s highly recommended for you to book the flight as early as possible.

Best Time to Visit Palawan, Philippines

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One important thing to do before you book the flight to the Palawan Philippines islands, you have to make sure about the weather. You can check the weather forecast in Palawan Island to avoid long rainy season because it could ruin your vacation.

The better time to enjoy Palawan island is in the dry season but it can be a tad bit humid. You can plan to go to Palawan in Early March. At that time, the weather seems to be friendly. It’s not hot and the rains will be tapered off.

What the Palawan islands have to offer

1. El Nido

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The first one we’d like to mention is this beautiful spot. It’s perfect for you who loves nature. It’s located at the very northernmost tip of the Palawan islands. You can enjoy the stunning overwater scenery.

El Nido is filled with karts mountains that make a majestic backdrop for your scenery. The towering rock mountains are in companion with the crystalline blue waters and pristine beaches. This spot is also a home various wildlife.

You can also enjoy various adventurous activities in this majestic spot. This island is really famous even though it takes a bit long time to get there from the main island.

2. Coron

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The stunning spot in Coron has a beautiful landscape that is adorned by karst limestone formations, distant mountains, and cerulean sea water. The most famous attraction of Coron is the Kayangan Lake.

The lake is said to be having the cleanest water in the country of Philippines. You can enjoy the view of underwater by diving. You would see astonishing roofs and WWII shipwrecks. It also has dazzling white-sand beaches to enjoy.

3. Puerto Princesa

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It’s the capital city of Palawan. Puerto Princesa is a beautiful city that’s popular among El Nido and Coron bound tourists. It offers several spectacular sites that are ready to be explored. It has an underground river that is listed as the UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

That’s the first spot you have to visit in Puerto Princesa. After having the adventure around the river, you can spend your day snorkeling and lazing around the Honda Bay.

When the sun goes down, you can enjoy feasting on some seafood menus that are freshly made in the restaurant near the beach.

4. Linapacan Islands

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Actually, there are still so many beautiful spots in Palawan island. But, this one is the last one we’d like to recommend. You can research for more recommended spots. This exotic Linapacan island would get you having a real blast.

Linapacan Islands consist of 52 untouched islands. The area lies between El Nido and Coron. It’s got the clearest waters in the world and it makes the diving and snorkeling activity more awesome.

Where to stay in Palawan, Philippines

Here are some recommended hotels and resorts you can choose to stay in Palawan Philippines:

1. The Ivywall Hotel

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This hotel is located strategically on a leafy street in the center of the city, near the airport. It offers a warm and cozy room design with wooden furnishings. It’s packed with complete facilities. It’s the perfect hotel if you plan to visit Puerto Princesa.

Location: Rizal Ave, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan.

2. El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island

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It’s the epitome of everything that makes Palawan island so special. This resort lies between crystal white sands and lush rainforest. The resort offers both sunset and sunrise view. It consists of beautiful, cozy Canopy Villas.

Location: Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Palawan Island 5313 Philippines.

3. Coron Village Lodge

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This hotel is not far from the town center. It’s only a 7-minute walk. This village lodge offers a natural exotic design. The interior is all about nature with a warm and cozy atmosphere. All the rooms in this hotel have a balcony or terrace.

Location: Coron, Busuanga Rd, 5316 Palawan

Must-do Things in Palawan

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Palawan island is the paradise for diving the reefs. There are so many spots that offer a beautiful underwater world. Most tourists come to Palawan islands to enjoy its underwater world. You should visit the national marine park in the Philippines.

Sunbathing is another thing you must do during your vacation in the Philippines. There are a lot of beaches to enjoy sunbathing. Don’t forget to eat local delicacies to fulfill your experience in the paradise of the Philippines.

Things to Pack Before The Trip

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First, you can pack your essentials such as light and cool clothes, sturdy flip-flops, and swimwear. It’s a beach-ready essential. To prepare the cool nights, take your light sweater along. Pack the sarongs for drying up and sunbathing.

Don’t forget the insect repellent and sunscreen that you can also buy it once you get to the city. Cash money has to be enough in the pocket because it’s hard to find ATM in a more rural area. One more thing, pack the portable power bank to keep your phone charged.


Now, you are ready to go to the islands of Palawan Philippines and enjoy the exotic atmosphere with breath-taking views that Palawan has to offer.