7 Recommended Myanmar Beaches To Experience Before You Die

Visiting Myanmar beaches are one of the things you have to do during your trip. This country has over 2,000 km of coastline. It has some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia.

The best time to visit beaches in Myanmar is from December to April. During this time, the weather around the beaches is more stable. From May to October is monsoon season in the areas Most resorts and hotels are closed during that period.

Even though Myanmar becomes one of the less-visited countries in Southeast Asia, these beach destinations will make many tourists regret not visiting the country.

1. Ngapali Beach – The Best of All Myanmar Beaches

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If we’re talking about beaches of Myanmar, Ngapali has to be the first to mention. Many tourists consider Ngapali beach as the best beach in the country. In fact, it’s often sighted as one of the best in Asia.

The beach is located on the Western coast of the country. It looks out onto the Bay of Bengal. Inside the island, you are served with panoramic views of the Yoma Mountain range. The coastline is lined by Palm trees.

Then, the tourists are provided with fresh coconuts during peak seasons. You will feel the soothing blue turquoise water which is so beautiful. The fine sand would comfort your feet as you walk over. It’s a dreamy beach.

2. Chaung Ta

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It’s another good option for beaches in Myanmar. Chaung Ta is among other top three beaches. It’s a famous destination as an escape for middle-class locals. If you’re looking for a nice beach with more affordable expenses, you should visit Chaung Ta.

Even though it’s not quite as pretty as other Myanmar beaches, it gets very crowded during major holidays. This beach destination allows you to take a boat trip and go snorkeling off the coast. Compared to Ngapali Beach, you will experience more activities in Chaung Ta.

There are plenty of delicious seafood restaurants nearby to let you taste the local cuisine and relax in the evening.

3. Ngwe Saung

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This beach destination is the second most popular one in Myanmar. Ngwe Saung means Silver beach in English. It’s on the south side of Ngapali beach and it’s close to Yangon. However, Ngwe Saung is less developed than Ngapali. You can come here if you want a similar view but less crowded.

You will feel the relaxation with the find clear seas. Tourists can get there by Plane from Yangon that takes around 35 minutes. You can also take a bus for 6 hours or a boat trip for 1 hour. Ngwe Saung also allows you to go swimming and snorkeling to complete your experience.

4. Mergui Archipelago

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It’s located in the southernmost part of Myanmar called Tanintharyi. It’s one of the top beaches in Southeast Asia. You will enjoy the stunning white beaches with clear blue water. You can also enjoy some fun activities in the area.

It’s easy to spot monkeys snacking on craps on the island. The Mergui Archipelago has an annual event you need to attend. It’s the Salone Festival which’s held on 16th February every year.

5. Pa Nyit Beach – Shaw Maw Beach

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Not many people know where this beach is and how to reach the destination. You probably will enjoy the beach on your own. It will feel like your private beach if you’re lucky enough to visit the place without a crowd. There’s a high chance for that.

Pa Nyit is a long beach that has a beautiful monastery at the end. If you are a professional swimmer, you need to experience taking leaps in the deepwater here in Pa Nyit beach. It’s one of the most offbeat beach destinations in the country.

6. Kanthaya Beach – The Untouched One of Myanmar Beaches

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It’s the ultimate escape for you who want to get far from the busy urban life. It’s not so far from the famous Ngapali. It even has the same quality of sand and water. It’s perfect for tourists who want to enjoy just the beauty of the panoramic view because there’s nothing here but that.

You will find no big shops, beach sports, big restaurant, and other things that might disturb your relaxation. That’s what makes this beach so special. You won’t be facing so many modern conveniences that you face every day.

You don’t need to book a hotel room in advance. Don’t worry, you will get room to stay when you’re there. There will always be a place for tourist.

7. Maungmagan and The Surrounding Beaches

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If you want the true seclusion of a beach destination, you need to head south to the Andaman Sea. It’s located near Dawei. It’s quite far away from the busy city. It provides you the relaxation you need. You can even feel being the only person within miles.

Enjoy the glorious expansive landscape that serves you the beautiful sunset view. The beach of Maungmagan is the first destination you should visit in the area. Years ago, it became the famous landing spot for Brits.

You will see some remnants and touches of Brit’s influence. Go more to the south to visit other beaches like sin Htauk, Paradise, and Grandfather’s beach.

Things to Know before enjoying the Myanmar Beaches

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For many tourists, the most important things to know before going to a tourism place is to know when the best time is. Well, it’s highly recommended to visit beaches in Myanmar between December and April.

The beach destinations in Myanmar will be more exciting during the Water Festival. It’s one of the most anticipated festivals in Myanmar and it takes place every year in the month of April. You should avoid visiting the beaches during the monsoon season from May to October.

Another thing to know is the beach outfit. Avoid wearing the speedos or some tiny colorful bikinis. It’s better to wear somewhat conservatives. The common beach outfit in Myanmar is jeans and a T-shirt. That’s right, it’s a bit weird for you.

If you’re not comfortable swimming in your jeans, you can wear short or cotton pajamas. That would be a lot more comfortable for tourist.


We have to agree that Myanmar is not a country with plenty of beach destinations. However, some Myanmar beaches do amaze you with its beautiful yet stunning panoramic views and fun beach activities.