Krabi vs Phuket: Which One is The Winner?

Krabi vs Phuket is just the topic you need in an article when you’re confused about which one should be the first destination in Thailand. It will be helpful for you to decide what to include in the itinerary of your first Thailand vacation.

It’s no doubt that both of these superb destinations are common features on bucket lists. Phuket is already known widely as one of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia. While Krabi is a relative newcomer to the tourist’s radar but has quickly grown in fame.

Krabi is considered as a strong contender to Phuket when it comes to Beach destination. Both of them are beautiful places you want to spend your holiday in Thailand.  To get you out of your confusion, here are some of their Key aspects for your further consideration.

Krabi Beaches vs Phuket Beaches

The main attraction of Phuket and Krabi is their extraordinary beaches. So, beaches have to be the first one to talk about.

krabi or phuket more expensive

You will find an extensive selection of beach destinations in Krabi province since it’s surrounded by many small islands. Many islands need at least a short boat trip to get there. Many of beaches on the islands are mostly still retaining their stunning natural look. Nothing will disturb your relaxation.

krabi vs phuket in july

In Phuket, you will also be served with an extensive selection of beaches. This province has over thirty beach destinations you can choose to visit. Mostly, the beaches offer soft white sand and clear turquoise seawater. Most of the destinations are easy to reach and a little bit crowded.

If you want to experience some more natural beaches with fewer buildings, less traffic, and not so crowded, Krabi is the place to go. But, most of the beaches are needing at least a short boat trip. If you prefer some easy-to-reach beaches, you should visit Phuket. But, it would be more crowded.

Things To Do in Krabi and Phuket

Before you visit the place, you need to know what you’re gonna do to spend your time during your stay. There’s a diverse number of activities to do in both of the places.

krabi or phuket honeymoon

In Krabi, you will be provided with the beauty of nature. The first thing you can do in Krabi is to enjoy the nature safaris in the Krabi forests. You can indulge your inner soul of an explorer by visiting the Thung Teao Forest National Park.

krabi vs phuket vs bali

While in Phuket, make sure you try the helicopter ride over the beaches of Andaman Sea. Besides the beaches, you can also explore what’s under the sea by visiting the underwater aquarium.

You have to visit the aquarium while in Phuket because it’s recently renovated. It hosts thousands of colorful, exotic, and tropical marine creatures. Many tourists visit Phuket only to experience seeing marine life very close.

Besides, Phuket also has some unique destinations like the upside-down house at Ben Teelanka. Don’t forget to visit the Shopping malls at Patong Beach to experience Phuket to the fullest. It’s concluded that Phuket is clearly the winner since it has so many things to offer.

Fun Activities & Adventures: Krabi Vs Phuket

Unlike the previous topic, this one would be focusing on the adventurous and fun activities. Both of them have some great ones to offer.  As we know, Krabi has less population density and more forests. It would be a great privilege for Krabi.

krabi or phuket or both

Krabi is a heaven for the nature lover and wilderness enthusiast. Join the Tree-top adventures at Ao Luek. Visiting Krabi wouldn’t be complete without going for the Tree-top adventures. It’s definitely one of the bucket list features.

If you enjoy Fishing, Andaman Sea will fulfill your fishing experience. Besides, you can also enjoy go-karting, quad biking, snorkeling, and bungee jumping from the cliff. For Snorkelling, Koh Poda, Koh Tub, Koh Mor, and Chicken Island are the top four destinations.

krabi or phuket in april

What about Phuket? It offers a more sophisticated type of activities such as ATV Tours, A Zip Line, the Flying Hanumat at Kathu, and a lot more. On the water, you need to try rafting, canoeing, and scuba diving.

The Delicious Taste of the Cuisine

krabi or phuket in may

The cuisine of Thailand is a must-try for every tourist. It’s a serious thoroughfare in the country. Food in Thailand is not a matter of location because you can find the best Thai food almost anywhere in the country. Whether it’s Krabi, Phuket, Pattaya, and even Bangkok, it doesn’t matter.

If we comparing Phuket and Krabi, they have their own characteristic. In Phuket, It’s more about diversity, variety, style, and quality. While Krabi, it trumps in price. Phuket and Krabi offer a sensory overload that’s completely Thai.

krabi or phuket for couples

When it comes to food, it comes close to a tie between Krabi and Phuket. Food in Krabi is safe for both pocket and gut because of its simplistic, pared-back affair. Food in Phuket is characterized by innovative interpretations of Thai old traditions that are fused with the new ones.

In other words, Krabi will serve you with authentic Thai cuisine and Seafood. Phuket offers many authentic street foods you can munch upon.

The Cost of Staying in Krabi vs Phuket

When talking about the average cost of staying in a certain destination is dependent on the spending habit and comfort of the tourists themselves. Logically, if you expect a more luxurious vacation, you will spend more money too. Make sure you use the budget effectively.

krabi or phuket first

According to some travel-bloggers, Krabi and Phuket are generally budget-friendly places to spend the holiday. For example, you won’t spend a lot of money on meals. In local eateries, you will spend as low as one or two bucks.

For adventure sports and other fun activities are much cheaper than in other nearby countries. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the vacation in luxurious ways, it still costs much cheaper compared to Bali, the Andaman Coast, and Boracay.

krabi or phuket or koh samui in december

Well, no matter what, it’s still about Krabi vs Phuket. So, which place is cheaper than the other? The answer is Phuket because it’s closer to the main city and the surrounding destinations are easy to reach. Phuket is more crowded than Krabi for a reason.

The Verdict

Actually, there are still more aspects you need to learn about each of the places in order to get a better consideration. However, those aspects are quite enough to get you out of your confusion. Each of them has its own charm that attracts many tourists.

According to all of those aspects, Phuket gets the highest score. It has some of the most beautiful beaches, various things to do, a more sophisticated set of fun adventurous activities, and It’s more cost-friendly than Krabi.