The Gili Trawangan Travel Guide You Need

Gili Trawangan or you can just call it “Gili T” is an island paradise that’s located nearby Bali, Indonesia. This beautiful island is nestled just off the Lombok’s coast. Gili Trawangan island is part of three little islands in Lombok which are known as the “Gilis”, Gili Meno, Gili Air, and of course Gili Trawangan.

This beautiful island is easily accessible. It’s the destination you can choose to get out of the hustle and bustle of Bali with just a short boat ride away. Gili Trawangan has so much to enjoy. Before you go, you may need to read this travel guide to get your ready.

How to Get There

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People can reach the island by taking a boat from Lombok. You can get there for only 15 minutes. There are some boats that go so fast to get you there as soon as possible. You can find the boats in the center of Main Street.

Another option is to take a ferry. There are many ferry services available for tourists who want to go to the Gili islands. The price of most routes is all fixed. However, there will be no motorized vehicles waiting to get you around. Get ready to take a short walk.

Taking a boat or a ferry service is the only way to get to Gili Trawangan. Can you get there by plane? Well, the answer will be a No. Gili islands have no airport. The only route to fly from your country is to Lombok or Bali. Then, catch the ferry from the port.

What to Do in Gili Trawangan

There are a lot of things you can do in Gili T. Here are some recommended things to do during your trip.

Take Boat Trips to Gili Islands

From the Gili T island, you can take a boat to Gili Air or Gili Meno for just a view rupiah. You will experience each island in contrast. If you have a longer time staying in one of the islands, you can choose to spend the night there.

Diving and Snorkeling

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Diving in all three Gili islands would be as much in the way of underwater life as Komodo or Raja Ampat. However, it’s still pretty good because there are so many dive shops that offer Padi courses and Dive trips daily. You may have a chance to see turtles, whitetip sharks, manta rays, and more.

Snorkeling is also a favorite thing to do in Gili Trawangan. During the snorkeling, you may spot turtles just beyond the reef break. YOu can get the snorkel equipment from the rental nearby. YOu don’t have to book a boat tour to do snorkeling.


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You might never think that the Gili islands are a great place for shopping. It’s something that you may never expect before. All along the Main Street of Gili Trawangan, you can see many small boutiques and sells cool bags, patterned dresses, and funky sandals.

All of the products come with reasonable prices. You should wear something that’s in a hippie beach style. Wear a swimwear that’s covered up by a dress and flip flops.

Enjoying the Spas


Similar to Bali, the Gili islands have a lot of spas. Almost in every major hotel have spas or therapist ready. For backpackers, they can also enjoy the spa at a cheaper price. The cheap spas are available around Main Street.

If you love your foot being rubbed, you may visit some spas specializing in reflexology. At night, you can visit Sama-Sama where there will be crowds with live music and a great atmosphere.

Where to Stay in Gili Trawangan

A Gili Trawangan hotel is not hard to find. There are lots of places built for tourists to stay on the island. You can choose the place to stay according to your budget. Check out some of these recommendations.

Gili Beach Bum

For those of you who want to save a budget for hotel, try staying at this great hostel. It’s not just a budget place to rest, it can also keep you close to the action. It’s got a super cute dorm room with an available private room. The room starts at 15 dollars per night.

Pink Coco Gili T

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Just like its name, Pink Coco is decorated in pink shades with some touches of the island vibe. It becomes a perfect aesthetic for a nice hotel like this. It becomes one of the tourist favorites to stay. This mid-range hotel is a dreamy place for Instagrammers.

It’s packed with a stunning pool design where you can relax for a while. There are also hammocks in the ocean that you can enjoy to maximize your stay in this perfect hotel. With such luxury, this hotel is surprisingly affordable.

Pondok Santi Estate


It’s a recommended resort for those of you who want to experience the luxury living on the island at it’s finest. This luxurious resort is located on the southwest corner of the Gili islands. It’s a lot quieter here.

Pondok Santi Estate has its own private beach with 10 wonderful bungalows. However, this resort is quite far from the action. When you’re hungry, you don’t have to go to town. There are some restaurants and lounge available nearby the resort.

Where to Eat

Speaking of hunger, where is the best place to eat in Gili T. Well, the island has so much to offer when it comes to food. There are a lot of places you need to visit to satisfy your hunger. Here are some favorite options to try.

The Roast House

It’s a phenomenal place to eat. If you’re missing Western comfort foods, you have to eat in this restaurant. Try their signature roast dish and their delicious chicken wrap. It’s something you will enjoy so much.

Night Market

If you enjoy street foods and eat just like the locals, you should visit the Gili T Night Market. You can get some of the best Indonesian foods in this place. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you may wanna try some of the dessert tables


All of that information above would help you decide the place to go and things to do. If you’re in process of planning the trip to Gili Trawangan, this travel guide is the reference you need.