10 Foods Of Dubai You Must Try Before You Die

There are a lot of delicious foods of Dubai you must try to fulfill your experience. When you visit a country, eating the local cuisine has to be part of your trip. So, what’s on the platter for you?

Dubai cuisine is a combination of Arabic, Iranian, and Lebanese food. It would leave you craving for more and more. It doesn’t matter you’re a foodie or not, it’s hard to ignore the luscious flavors of this special cuisine has to offer. Without further ado, let’s eat!

1. Machboos

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Many foodies considered this food surprisingly delicious. It’s one of the famous foods in Dubai. It consists of rice, meat, and onions, seasoned with salt, dried lemon, and spices. This simply cooked meal has the zesty flavors you’ll love.

This food tastes so good, you will be surprised by that because of the plain and unsophisticated look. For a greater authentic taste, you should try it with its salad and yogurt raita. Many restaurants will serve it on a large platter. Try eating it with your right hand just like the locals.

2. Baba Ganoush

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It’s a delicious dip which is a combination of smoked eggplant, onions, olive oil, and tomatoes. It would be a great appetizer before the main course. The best way to eat the baba ganoush is to munch on with sliced bread and veggies.

It’s a perfect side dish for all vegetarians. It’s quite hard sometime to find this Levantine dish. Don’t worry, you can ask the locals to show you the directions to a restaurant the serves Baba Ganoush. When you’re in Dubai, this is the food you can’t miss out on.

3. Manousheh

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This food is also known as the Pizza of Dubai. It’s a different style of Pizza eating. This local pizza is a great cuisine for you who are looking for Dubai specialties. It’s a great breakfast dish to begin your day traveling around the city.

Inside the stretched dough, there’s a bunch of exotic toppings such as earthy zaatar herbs, olive oil, and Akkawi cheese. It’s the pizza you’ve never tasted before. You can just carry the food and eat it while you’re walking on the street.

Eat it with the sweet jam and minced lamb that would make it more savory. This food is also popular with locals.

4. Falafel

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This is a deep-fried patty ball which comes from ground fava beans or chickpeas. It’s a delight to eat. You can eat it with any bread for an exceptional dining experience. If you’re looking for a Falafel in a restaurant, you should ask first because every restaurant cooks it differently.

If you’re allergic to something, you have to make sure that there are no ingredients that might cause the allergy. So, enquire with the waiter before you order. Falafel is considered as the must-try food of Dubai.

5. Knafeh

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This pastry dish is quite popular all over the world. It’s originally from Palestine and become a firm favorite with the UAE locals. Knafeh is made of sour cheese, dough, and crisp sugar syrup. When it’s served, you should eat them right away.

It’s the food to eat during Ramadan or fasting month. People eat Knafeh for iftar. That’s why this food becomes easily sold out during Ramadan. You can find the best Knafeh at Qwaider Al Nabulsi restaurant in Deira.

6. Margoogat

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It’s a tomato-based stew with a lot of meat. Margoogat is cooked with turmeric, bezar, and cumin. Across the city of Dubai, you may find different variations of this stew. You can have a stew with chicken or lamb. For vegetarians, the stew is served with baby marrow or potato.

7. Chebab

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These sweet and delicious pancakes are perfect for breakfast. These Emirati-style pancakes are full of sweet date syrup and sour cheese. During the heating process in the cooking, the sour and sweet elements are mixed.

If you’re curious, the taste is similar to a rich, boozy Swiss fondue. You can also have this chebab the dessert to chew after the main course meal.

8. Shawarma

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It’s also one of the most popular dishes to try in Dubai. Even though this dish has traveled far beyond the country. It would be so much better when served right from its original country, an experience you shouldn’t miss. It’s a meat that’s slow-roasted and spiced.

The meat usually comes with an Arabic Roti combined with fries, tomatoes, vegetables, garlic sauce, and pickles. There’s an endless choice of side.

9. Luqaymat

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If the one you want to try is the traditional cuisine, this is your food. Luqaymat is prepared for various cultural events in the UAE. This pastry is a must-try in a restaurant, house, or special occasion.

Luqaymat is made from flour, sugar, salt, turmeric milk, sesame seed, and a little yeast. This delicate golden balls would melt in your mouth. It’s originated in the Arabic country. Although the Greeks also have a version of this sweet pastry, it’s called Loukoumades.

10. Oozie

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If you’re looking for food that’s perfect for a lot of people, you should look for an Oozie. It’s one of the best-known dishes in Dubai. It’s a large dish that you should order only when you held a special occasion like festive celebrations and wedding parties.

Oozie is also a special dish that’s served for family and friends to break their fast during Ramadan. It’s a combination of well-spiced rice and the whole-roasted lamb or mutton. You can eat it with salad and yogurt. Some restaurant has it garnished with a mixture of roasted or fried nuts.

Oozie is also known as Ghuzi or Khuzi. This dish is the national dish of UAE which means your stay in Dubai is not complete without eating the Oozie with the relatives.


There are a lot more foods of Dubai you can try. All of them are quite easy to find in the city. Those ten foods are the best one to choose to complete your trip to Dubai. The local cuisine of this city is something you won’t forget about Dubai.