Where To Find The Best Floating Market Of Bangkok?

Visiting a floating market of Bangkok is an activity you must include in your itinerary. Floating markets are one of the biggest attractions in Thailand, especially Bangkok. Its unique and unmistakable charm making the market as a destination worth visiting.

If you want to find the best floating market in Bangkok, you should ask yourself what do you want to get from the Market? the local foods? Clothes and Souvenirs? Or just sightseeing? Here some popular floating markets you may wanna explore in Bangkok.

1. Amphawa Market

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The first one is the floating market that becomes a local’s favorite especially for those who want to enjoy the quaint atmosphere of the market. It also becomes the perfect afternoon getaway besides shopping in the market.

This floating market is situated about 50 km away from the main city of Bangkok. There are some beautiful traditional wooden houses around the market. Amphawa Market offers its own traditional charm to both locals and tourists.

If you love seafood and want a taste of a Thai seafood dish, this is paradise. You can savor the delicacy of Thai seafood while listening to local music as you float. You can also purchase some crafts, arts, and souvenirs.


The best time to visit Amphawa Market is early in the morning. That’s the time when the market is less crowded. You will experience the quietest time of Amphawa Market.

You have to taste a plate of grilled fish or fresh river prawns from the boat. Squid is also a recommended dish to try. At night, you can take a firefly watching tour which is gonna be fun to experience.

2. Damnoen Saduak

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Many people, locals, and tourists considered Damnoen Saduak as the best floating market in Bangkok. This place is also known as the “Official” floating market of Bangkok. It offers a great combination of history, antiquity, and chaos of the city.

You can see the canal is filled with vendors in their wooden boats. They sell various local produce like tropical fruits, Handicrafts, Agricultural products of the region and many others. Even though this floating is so crowded, It gives you a vibrant scene to capture.


In order to avoid the super crowd, you should come to the floating market early in the morning. However, you won’t get the original feel of Doamnoen Saduak which is “crowded”.

You should also watch out for the ladies that always smile to tourists that will forcefully offer you to bay large straw hats called Kanom Krok. Try the mango sticky rice and pork satay in the area of Damnoen Saduak.

You should take a Damnoen Saduak tour to experience the floating market at its finest.

3. Bang Nam Pheung

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It’s one of the exceptional floating market located in Bangkok, about 13 miles east from central Bangkok. This floating market is not as large as the others. It’s a less developed floating market. However, Bang Nam Pheung offers you a different side of attraction.

In Bang Nam Pheung, you can experience the authentic rustic life of Bangkok. There are a lot of stands that sell traditional Thai meals and treats that you have to try. Usually, you can only find six boat vendors in this market.


In this small floating market, you can only find a few vendors floating. However, there are a lot of stands that sell foods. It’s not that hard to reach the market. The only way to go to Bang Nam Pheung is via Taxi. It’s situated in a green area named Phra Pradaeng.

4. Bang Phli

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This is the floating market you have to visit in Bangkok if your purpose is to have a historic experience. Bang Phli market is located in the Samut Prakan Province. It’s considered one of the oldest markets in the city.

The history of Bang Phli has stretched bac at least 150 years in the past. Walking through the old wooden houses would be an amazing experience. There are also so many local delicacies waiting to be tested by you.


You should come early in the morning to see an authentic ritual of the Buddhist monks collecting alms. In order to reach the market, you can just take the Skytrain to BTS Bearing and take a taxi to Bang Phli. The market is only open during the weekends.

5. Khlong Lat Mayom

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Located just about 20 km from Bangkok’s central, Khlong Lat Mayom is one of the best tourist destinations who want to experience Thailand’s authentic floating markets. It’s not as large and as well-known as Damnoen Saduak.

However, Khlong Lat Mayom has its own charm and characteristic. This floating market is famous for its snakehead fish and shrimps dish. You can also see how Bangkokians shop for their daily supplies.


Khlong Lat Mayom is best known for its local foods. The main purpose of coming to these markets should be for tasting the delicacies. To reach the market, you should take a BTS Skytrain to Bang Wa. After that, you can a taxi to Khlong Lat Mayom. It opens on the weekend only.

6. Koh Kret Island

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It’s a floating market in Bangkok for those of you who are searching for a place to hang out with family and friends. Koh Kret is an artificial island that’s situated near Bangkok city. It becomes a perfect getaway for locals and tourists.

Even though it’s called a floating market, it’s not directly on the water. This place is built o the Chao Praya river just outside the island.

Every day in the wood, the floating market of Koh Kret island is open. You can buy some pottery items and some fresh produce.


Koh Kret Island’s floating market is famous for its pottery products. You should buy some of them to take home. There are some food stalls that sell some odd-looking deserts here at the market. Don’t be afraid to taste some weird foods like green blobs.


There are a lot more floating markets you can find in Bangkok. All of those markets we’ve compiled above already represent all the types of the floating market of Bangkok. So, which one is the best floating market in Bangkok?