8 Famous Floating Market Bangkok You Must Visit

A floating market is one of the most popular attractions in Bangkok. In fact, most tourists like to experience a unique culture around the market. This kind of destination is so popular among backpackers or other low-budget travelers.

For travelers, the floating markets are the must-visit spots while in Bangkok. They would like to have an authentic local experience in the country of Thailand.

What to Expect in Floating Market Bangkok

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It’s just like every traditional market you can find in most countries but it’s floating. The market that’s floating on the river is not something you can find in a lot of places. There are a lot of things you can buy in floating markets around Bangkok.

You can buy food, flowers, fruit, and hats. The floppy hats are the top-selling item in every floating market in Bangkok. Make sure you buy one when you get there because the heat will get a little bit intense.

You can enjoy drinking the fresh coconut water, eating some authentic food and tasting some unusual fruits on the boat. You will be stuck in boat traffic jams when you reach the market by boat. Here are 8 famous floating markets in Bangkok to visit.

1. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

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This market is located in Soi Bang Ramat, Bang Phrom which is about 15 km from Central Bangkok. It opens only on Saturday and Sunder from 9 am to 4 pm. You can take the boat tours with panoramic canal views.

Your eyes will be fed with the lush greenery overflowing into the river. When you’re there, you should get off the boat to wander around the tiny villages along the canals.

If you love to enjoy some authentic foods of Thailand, it’s a great spot for you. There are many choices of Thai Food you can have at Khlong Lat Mayom. You should try a skewer of Gai Galae which is the barbeque grilled chicken. It’s only 25 baht and it’s finger licking good.

Some mungbean noodles or the salt-crusted fish called Pla Pao are nice for your full meal. Some sticky rice with sugar named Khao lam will make a sweet finish for your visit to the market.

2. Amphawa Floating Market

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This market is the ultimate getaway in the afternoon because this floating market is open from noon until 8 pm. But, it’s quite far from central Bangkok, about 50 km.

Amphawa is famous for its seafood. They are served scrumptiously fresh with an affordable price. For foodies, this market won’t be a disappointment. You should try the fresh river prawns, grilled fish, and squid.

When you’re in Amphawa, you have to visit the hidden temple of Wat Bang Koong. The boat tour you take will also stop at several other temples.

3. Taling Chan Market

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This floating market is only a few kilometers from central Bangkok and it’s quite popular among travelers. However, it’s not so crowded compared to other popular floating markets. This destination is not only famous for its Thai food, but you can also enjoy the massages and its nursery plants.

This market is located in Khwaeng Khlong Chak Phra. To reach the place, you should take public transport which is a convenient option in the Country.

4. Koh Kret Island Floating Market

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It’s a floating market on an artificial island of Koh Kret which is located close to central Bangkok. This island was established by digging a canal 300 years ago. Travelers go to the island to go away from the daily hustle bustle of central Bangkok.

In Koh Kret, there are various pottery markets you can visit to buy some souvenirs. The activity in this floating market happens every day. So, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to experience the local market in Bangkok.

5. Kwan Riam Central Floating Market

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From central Bangkok, Kwan Riam market is only 30 km away. It’s an ideal destination for you who wants to try some fresh Thai food. It sets up on the weekends and Holidays. It’s one of the busiest markets in Bangkok and it also reflects the culture of Bangkok people.

In order to reach the Market, you should take a Taxi from the city. Then, the Taxi will drop you off at the main gate. From there, you have to take a bike to reach the market.

6. Bang Nam Pheung Market

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It’s one of the small floating markets near the central. It takes place at the exact sharp bend of the Chao Phraya River which is called as Bangkok’s Green Lung. Compared to other small floating markets, Bang Nam Pheung offers a more authentic experience.

You will see only a few boats parked in the market. As a result, the atmosphere will be much more relaxing. You can a taxi to the destination for about 45 minutes from central Bangkok.

7. Bang Phli Floating Market

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Experience the authenticity of Thailand culture through going shopping in one of the oldest floating markets in the city. It offers you such historical, native atmosphere that feels charming which is why it’s worth to visit.

Taste every Thai food you see in Bang Phli. It’s like heaven for foodies since there are so many traditional wooden-row houses lining the canals that sell various foods. It’s recommended to enjoy your morning meal at Sanawan Place. You can try the Thai noodles, fresh fruits, and more.

8. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

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It’s one of the most popular floating markets in Bangkok but it’s far from central Bangkok. It’s located about 100 km away. So, you should join a local tour to reach the market. It’s the floating market Bangkok weekdays you have to visit.

The market is large but it’s also crowded and very touristy. If you don’t like such a busy place, you should go to a more laid-back market. You should try the mini coconut pancakes and noodles from the boat.


Each of the floating market destinations has its own charm and specialty. It’s now according to you, what you want to experience in the floating market. You could also join a floating market Bangkok tour for the ultimate experience.