Knowing The Best Time To Visit Vietnam Month By Month

When is the best time to visit Vietnam? This post will answer the question with more detailed information.

One thing you need to know that there’s no wrong time to visit Vietnam. It’s a country with a tropical monsoon climate. To know the best time to visit the country is according to Vietnam’s parts you want to visit.

You may wanna decide in which month you want to visit Vietnam. Check out this month-by-month guide to find the perfect time for you.



Generally, it’s the cooler month of the year. It would be a lot cooler up in the northern cities of Vietnam like Ha Long Bay and Hanoi. There will be even cooler in Sapa and Ha Giang. In January, you should visit Sapa because it becomes the perfect time for trekking.


It’s the month when the Vietnamese Lunar New Year is celebrated. This is the biggest holiday in Vietnam. The festival will be lasting for about a week. So, you will see the festivity on the street that’s filled with flowers, sales, and parades.


In Vietnam, this month would one of the most pleasant times for tourists, local and international. It will be the end of the winter season in the north. That makes south and center regions have pleasant temperatures.


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This month is the end of the peak weather season in Vietnam. The northern region will get the hot, wet summer. The central coast’s beaches are still in its finest condition. There will be blue skies and sunshine all the way. This month, there will also be a celebration of the Reunification Day.


May is the beginning of the wet season in the southern regions. You will experience a brief rainfall in the afternoon. Actually, it’s not so bad for traveling. Remember to always carry an umbrella or raincoat to keep you dry.


The wet season continues in June. There will be more rainfall during the afternoon in Vietnam during this period. You should avoid visiting the south of Vietnam because it’s prone to floods. It’s not recommended to do trekking in this Month.


It’s similar to June. Northern and southern regions, both would be experiencing heavy rainfalls. You can still do some diving during this month. It’s the last ideal month for diving.


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In the north of Vietnam, August would be the wettest time. There won’t be available cruises Ha Long Bay and trekking activities in the mountainous regions in Vietnam. It would be better if you go to the central coast because it’s no dwindling.


This month, the central regions get their time for increasing wet weather. However, the north and south regions seem to be having the opposite. You can begin to do trekking again. Visit the destination with rice fields view to witness the beautiful golden color of it.



This is the end of the rainy season. So, it would be the perfect time for trekking in the north. You will also experience the cool, dry winter season. It’s recommended to visit Ha Giang during this period. There is also the buckwheat flower season that would amaze you.


Southern regions now have their time. It would be a great month to visit the south of Vietnam. The cool, dry season will welcome every traveler from all over the world. South regions have their best conditions for traveling. Take a junk cruise in Ha Long Bay, too.


Many regions in Vietnam become the ideal place to visit. For you, December would be so cold and full of snow. Well, Vietnam will offer you a wonderful tropical getaway. You can visit the beaches to escape from the coldness.

Festivals in Vietnam

Besides weather and temperature, we should consider the attractions that a country has to offer during a certain time. Here are some festivals in Vietnam for your consideration.

Tet: the Vietnamese New Year

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Tet in Vietnamese means festival. It’s the most important annual event in the country. It’s known as Tet Nguyen Dan or the first-day festival. This festival will be lasting for 7 days between January and February.

During this time, you can see Vietnamese families get together to celebrate the festival. They believe in this new year, the ancestral spirits come back to the household. The midnight evening of Tet, just like the new year’s eve, there is an almost tangible excitement sense to celebrate the new year.

Tay Son Festival

Tay Son District will help a martial arts demonstrations in a parade of garlanded elephants. It will happen on the fifth day of a lunar month. January to February.

Lim Singing Festival

This festival will begin in the spring after two weeks of the Tet festival. It would be celebrated in the Red River Delta near Bac Ninh.

Water-Pupper Festival

This one would be a part of the tet celebration in February west of Hanoi festival.

Perfume Pagoda

Between March to April, the most famous pilgrimage gets crowded because of thousands of Buddhist pilgrims. They all flock to the pagoda for the perfume pagoda festival. The event would be climaxed on the full moon of the second month.

Phat Dan

One of the must-see festivals during the summer season from May to August. During the Phat Dan festival, you will see the Buddhist homes and the pagodas have lanterns hung outside. It’s done to commemorate the birth of Buddha. It happens on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month.

Trung Thu


This is a festival held in the mid-autumn which is also known as Children’s Day in Vietnam. On this day, there will be dragon dances and children will get the lanterns with various shapes like stars, dragons, or carps. There are also some special cakes for this festival.


There are still many festivals that you may not wanna miss during your visit to Vietnam. There three seasons that you will deal with in Vietnam, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. In any season, there will be festivals.

So, there will be no bad time to visit Vietnam. You just have to find what time that fits you the most to make your best time to visit Vietnam.