The Best Time To Visit The Maldives, Month-By-Month Guide

When is the best time to visit the Maldives? It’s a question that needs a detailed answer. That’s why in this post, we’ll explain the Maldives weather, attractions, and situation month by month. It’s the best way to let you easily decide which month to choose to visit the Maldives.


best time to visit maldives for weather

The first month of the year is some hot, sunny days with low humidity for Maldives. There will be plenty of sunshine you probably enjoy to see clearly what’s under the sea. So, it’s the perfect month for snorkeling and diving activities in Maldives.

However, there’s a slight chance of some rain that tends to occur during the afternoon. Don’t worry, it would pass over quickly. It won’t disturb your entire day activities. You can see clearly the warm and blue ocean.


best time to visit maldives climate

This is one of the best time to visit Maldives. In February, Maldives is gonna face the driest month with 10 hours of sunshine every single day. The temperature would reach about 30-degree Celcius. It’s a better month than January to do snorkeling and scuba-diving.


best time to visit the maldives

This time of the year is the increased version of February. It’s also considered as the beginning of Maldives’s surfing season. However, you’re not gonna get the biggest wave, but it’s perfect for a starter.

March is a great month for long, lazy days on the beach of Maldives. It’s the best time of the year to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, or just walking along the beach. You can still see clearly what’s under the water in your snorkeling and scuba-diving activities.



April is the hot month for Maldives when the temperature reaching into the mid 30-degree Celcius. That’s because April is the end of the dry season. You will be dealing with rains in the middle of the month more often.

Although, the visibility for scuba-diving and snorkeling is still looking great. April is the perfect month to enjoy open water swimming in the sea.


what are the best months to visit maldives

This month will be the beginning of the wet season in Maldives. There’s a high risk of heavy rainfall occur on the island accompanied by storms. It’s not gonna be a great day for snorkeling but it’s still enjoyable. There’s also some risk of thunderstorms in the area. It’s not a good idea to be in the water.



Continuing the weather in the previous month, June will also have a high chance of rainfall. The visibility of snorkeling is also reduced. However, there’s an activity you can do during this month.

June is a fantastic time to dive with whale sharks and manta rays. During this time, the sharks and manta rays come to feed the planktons in the water. Some resorts would also offer special deals that are related to non-beach amenities.


maldives climate best time to visit

You will be dealing with the hot and humid weather in the Maldives during this month. That makes July is a great month for surfers. There will be the largest waves to support a great experience of surfing on the sea of Maldives.

In this Month, you will also see the parades and public celebrations of Maldivian Independence Day.


best times to visit maldives

Similar to July, August will offer you a Maldives with hot and humid weather. This time you will get about 7 hours of sunshine and short heavy rain every single day.

The amount of plankton is slightly reduced, making the snorkeling activity enjoyable again. However, it’s still not recommended to do the snorkeling or scuba-divings.



September is considered as one of the wettest months in Maldives. The maximum temperature you’re gonna deal with is about 30-degree Celcius. There will be some heavy rainfalls and lots of plankton in the water. There will be higher chances to dive with manta rays and whale sharks.


best time to visit maldives june

This month is way wetter than September. It’s got high humidity and whole-day rain. October is the last month to enjoy surfing in Maldives for the year. During this time of the year, many surfers decide to leave the island and finish their vacation.


best time to visit maldives in 2019

You will have short rains in November afternoons. Other than that, you will have some bright, sunny days. The visibility begins to clear again because many planktons have disappeared. This is the month where resorts start to offer water-based activity again.



In December, tourists will get a hot and dry climate with some rains in the middle of the month. Many people come to Maldives in December in order to escape from Winter to search for some sun.

Christmas and New Year are the reasons many people come to Maldives. This is considered as one of the peak seasons of the year.

When Are The Best Months?

best month to visit maldives for honeymoon

Deciding the best time to visit Maldives is based on what do you want to do enjoy and do on the island.

For casual tourists. most of the months are considered ideal. If you want to enjoy many beach and water-based activities except surfing, from June to October is not a good time.

For Diving Enthusiasts. If you just love scuba-diving and admire life underwater, you will love Maldives. You should visit the months when the visibility is clear under the water. So, the perfect months are January, February, March, April, and December.

For Surfers. Some beach destinations in Maldives are perfect for surfing.  However, there are some months when the waves are just perfect for surfing. Surfers should visit Maldives from March until October. Between June and August, there will be bigger waves coming.

The Worst Time To Visit Maldives


So, when is the worst time to visit the country? Well, you can’t tell the exact month that’s considered the worst time to visit a country. However, there are some months that are considered a low season. It happens from May to October.


According to the month-by-month guide above, you can see that every time can be your great time in Maldives. It’s just according to what you aim to do on your vacation. So, make sure you choose your own best time to visit Maldives after reading this guide.