10 Best Place For Visit In India to Spend Holiday

When talking about the best place for visit in India, people would always think about visiting the Taj Mahal. Of course, it’s the most popular landmarks in the country. Actually, there are a lot of other places in India that would leave you amazed too.

In this post, we’d like to recommend some of the best place other than the Taj Mahal to visit in India. There are various types of destinations we’re about to show you. Choose the one that you would love to spend your vacation too.

1. Srinagar, A Heaven on Earth

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Is it possible to visit the heaven as a part of your vacation trip? In Srinagar, it’s possible. This place is like a heaven on Earth. It’s surrounded by the lush natural beauty, houseboats, ethereal lakes, orchards, a lot of crazy things that you need to do before you leave this world.

Srinagar is located in Jammu, Kashmir is also known as the Venice of the East. You can see a breathtaking view of snow-covered peaks from afar and the Mughal gardens and lakes right before your eyes.

The best time to visit Srinagar with your family is between March and October. However, if you want to experience the snowfall, you can visit the place during December to January.

2. Kolkatta, West Bengal, The Tropical Heart of India

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West Bengal has so many treasures that are ready to be revealed. It’s definitely one of the best places for visit in India. In West Bengal, you can see the pristine floating mangrove forests, the royal Bengal tiger, the Sunderbans, and some large flora and fauna too.

While in Kolkatta, you will be amazed by the architecture of the historical palaces. You can admire the artworks all around the city. Because of the tropical climate in this location, it’s the best place for visit in India between October-March during a soothing period.

3. Lakshadweep Islands, The Most Calming Aesthetics

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A group of 36 islands of Lakshadweep would be a perfect getaway for every tourist that comes to India. You will be offered with sandy beaches, seaweeds, coral reefs, and all the surroundings. This island is like a treat to anyone who just wants to get away from the busy day and relax.

You will feel the perfect relaxation by lying down in the sun and just laze around. Enjoy the luxury vacation in the amazing resorts on the island. You should visit Lakshadweep island during the time between October and March to get perfect weather and calmer sea.

4. Shimla, Popular Honeymoon Destination

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This place in India is very popular amongst locals and tourists. It’s one of the best destinations for a Honeymoon trip. Shimla is a hill station town located on the west side of India. The views of Himalayas are so stunning from this very small town.

Back in the day, this place was the must-visit vacation place for the British. Until now, tourists from the British and also from all over the world would love to visit Shimla. During the month of December to January, you can experience the snowfall in this town.

5. Jaipur, India’s Pink City

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There are so many places you can visit in Jaipur. This city is part of India’s Golden Triangle, the top three cities to visit in the country. One of the must-visit destinations in Jaipur is this epic pink building called Hawal Mahal.

It’s the building where the royal women used to enjoy watching the parades of the street. That was the only reason this building is made. Jaipur is also known as the pink city just because of this massive pink building which is so iconic.

6. Leh-Ladakh, Unmatched Trekking Options

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For nature lovers and peace seekers who are about to visit India, this destination must be on the list. This place offers you with the serene alpine glacial lakes, epic snow-capped mountains, majestic valleys, and the historical colorful monasteries.

This is the perfect place for you who want to seek serenity away from the stressful lives in the city. You will enjoy the high-altitude scenic trekking trails that would unveil every step of the way. If you think you’re an adventure freak, you have got to visit Leh-Ladakh.

7. Jaisalmer, Land of Golden Sand

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This destination is located in the beautiful city of Rajasthan. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage. This place tells the stories of chivalry and bravery of the great Rajput rulers. You can visit some of the most magnificent buildings like Sonar Quila, Jaisalmer Fort, and many others.

This city held a festival called Jaisalmer Desert Festival every year. It’s a visual treat to the eyes. The festival is one of the reasons you should spend your holiday in Jaislamer.

8. Kerala, The God’s Own Country

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Besides its pristine backwaters that would please your eyes, Kerala also offers you with its coconut fringed beaches, colorful festivals, and Ayurvedic massages. This place is considered as the most picturesque places in India.

Thousands of tourists visit Kerala every year. They want to witness the blessed immense natural beauty by themselves. Many things tourists can see in Kerala, including the wildlife sanctuaries, and scenic hill station.

9. Hampi, A Glorious City of the Past

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If you want to experience what the past time of India looks like, you should visit Hampi. It’s like time has taken a pause in this place. It would feel like you’re getting into the pages of a history book. Hampi was once the capital city of Vijayanagar Empire.

The building and monuments from the Empire still standing tall in Hampi. However, some of the architectural beauties in this place are in ruins. You can see some magnificent palaces and temples that remain the past of this glorious city.

10. Pushkar, the Pilgrimage Destination

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The highlight of this place is the Lake and the temples around it. This the Rajasthan’s pilgrimage destination which is famous for its ancient lifestyle, culture, and traditions.

You should visit Pushkar during the camel fair. You will be in for a treat because there will be camel activities to enjoy. There will also be a hot air balloon international festival.


There are so many places you can visit in India other than the Taj Mahal. Various kinds of attractions await you in every place. You don’t have to be confused to choose the best place for visit in India. All of the above are the best choices.