11 Gorgeous Beaches Sri Lanka You Have To Visit

Looking for the gorgeous beaches Sri Lanka? Well, you are on the right page. We’ve compiled the perfect list of beautiful Sri Lankan beaches that would make your visit to the country become perfect.

The beaches in Sri Lanka are well-known for the beautiful view and idyllic looks they have. Visiting the beaches should be number one on the list. Sri Lanka has many gorgeous beaches to enjoy. Each beach destination has its own charm and characteristic beauty.

Here are some of the best beaches you have to visit in Sri Lanka. Then, you will have an unforgettable stay in the country.

1. Koggala Beach

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Let’s begin by revealing the paradise of Sri Lanka. This is one of the unknown beach paradises you can visit in the country. It’s not yet popular since there aren’t many tourists visit this beach. Well, that doesn’t mean that this beach not beautiful enough to attract tourism.

This beach has its special charm and beauty. It’s located in the deep south of Sri Lanka, between Mirissa and Unawatuna beach. It’s got the white sand and calming surroundings, making it become a great location to get away from the noise and relax for a while.


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If you need a beach destination that could accommodate your hobby of surfing, this is one of them. This beach offers you enough waves to have fun in surfing. It’s located on the west coast that is closest to Colombo.

Besides surfing, the tourists enjoy the beautiful sunsets on this beach that offers a priceless view. You can also witness a few huge turtles that walk to the beach. Hikkaduwa beach has the perfect atmosphere when you come in between November to April.

3. Arugam Bay Beach

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It’s another surfing beach you need to visit in Sri Lanka. When there are people ask about the best beaches for surfing in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay is one of the top three. When you get there during the surfing period, there will be a lot of people on the beach surfing.

You don’t have to be a professional surfer to do the surfing here. Try the surfing by taking a short surf lesson that you can find around the beach. You can also see many traditional boats parked at the seaside.

4. Bentota Beach

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The tropical beach of Bentota is located in Galle District, the southern province of Sri Lanka. The 8km long stretch of golden sand looks so contrast to the clear blue water. That’s what makes this beach so special.

This is one of the beaches in Sri Lanka that doesn’t have so many people around. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the beach is all for yourself.

5. Mirissa Beach

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This one is one of the most popular beaches in Sri Lanka. It’s well known for its photogenic coconut farm. As you can see in the photo, tourists like to take photos like that in Mirissa Beach. The feeling of the tropical atmosphere is so breathtaking from this point of view.

6. Wijaya beach

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This beach is also often called as Unawatuna beach because it’s located in Unawatuna, the coastal town of Sri Lanka. If you’re asking about the most favorite beach in Sri Lanka, most people who ever visit this country will pick this one.

It’s got clean, white sand and palms that are leaning over the water. From the picture, you can how photogenic this beach is. If you want to get wet, you can enjoy swimming here. There’s a natural swimming pool that’s formed by the coral reef.

7. Nilaveli Beach

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This stretch of beach is situated about 16km north of Trincomalee. In this destination, you can enjoy the thriving lagoon and lush coconut palm groves. You can even witness hordes of cattle walking around the beach. That’s because most locals are Hindu and consider cows are sacred animals.

From the beach, you can visit the snorkeling spot to enjoy the beauty of underwater in Pigeon island. You will be welcomed by the crystal clear water.

8. Weligama Beach

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The name Weligama means “Sandy Village”. If you’re looking for a beach with surfing capability, this beach should be on the list. This surfing spot is perfect for a beginner since the wave is not too strong.

It doesn’t have any recommended season to come, you can enjoy the wave throughout the year. If you plan to do surfing for the first time, you can take some surf lessons right before jump into the beach.

9. Midigama Beach

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Midigama is like a sister town to Weligama. Both of the towns are well-known for their beautiful beaches that offer an excellent surfing experience. While Weligama is beginner-friendly, Midigama is perfect for all levels of surfers from beginner to professional.

If it’s your first time, you just need to ask the guides there where is the perfect spot for you based on your level of surfing ability.

10. Passikudah Bay Beach

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This beach is also known as Uga Bay or Kalkudah Beach. It’s located on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The bay offers you gentles and shallower water than other popular beaches. It’s because of the reef protection that makes it ideal for your relaxing and peaceful beach experience.

If you don’t want your relaxing atmosphere to get interrupted by a crowd, you should avoid coming to this destination during the month of September. That’s the peak season of visitors. There are also some resorts you can choose to stay to maximize your experience.

11. Kalpitiya Beach

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For those of you who want to have an interesting experience on the Sri Lankan beach, why don’t you try kitesurfing? It’s another level of surfing. Kalpitiya beach is one of the best places in the world to enjoy kitesurfing.

Besides water sport, you can have some excellent opportunities to see playful dolphins and majestic whales in their natural habitat. You should come to Kalpitiya beach in between February to March to see them.

Final Thought

After exploring those beaches Sri Lanka above, you will know to realize that this country has a lot to offer. Sri Lanka has to be one of the countries you have to travel to in your vacation time. Their beaches are all gorgeous.