Best Holiday Spots in Bandung, West Java: Everywhere You Should Go

Bandung is the capital city of West Java, Indonesia. It has 2 popular nicknames, Paris of Java, which was given by the Dutch due to its similarity to Paris and the City of Flower because flowers used to be seen a lot throughout Bandung. Approximately 10 years back, it was known as a dirty city.

However, Bandung has changed and is changing nowadays. It even got in into a finalist in the World Smart City Awards 2015. Every landmark in Bandung now is worth as tourist attractions. And you shouldn’t miss these places when you’re in Bandung.

Bandung’s Tourist Attractions

1. Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo Bandung

Located in Jalan Padasuka, Cibeunying Kidul, Saung Udjo is a museum dedicated to the Angklung, a Sudanese instrument made from bamboo. Every one angklung generates one chord or note when shaken so a full “orchestra” is composed of lots of numerous angklung. The museum sells show performances which are an enjoyable, interactive and also family friendly experience. There you can watch local youngsters singing and dancing along with an audience-contributed orchestra performance.

2. Jalan Braga

Jalan Braga Bandung

Stretched as long as 700 meters, Braga Street gives you the nuance of Bandung old times. Any kind of stores and buildings are unfolded at the right and left side along this street; hotels, painting and art shops, and cafes for instance. What near here are Jalan Asia Afrika where Merdeka Building is and Masjid Agung Bandung Square.

3. Cihampelas Walk (CiWalk)

Ciwalk Bandung

Bandung is famous for producing good quality clothes. And CiWalk supports the image by being a major shopping center with natural concept. CiWalk located in Jalan Cihampelas where you can find romantic atmosphere along the street.

4. Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung

If you want some outdoor activities that can also be done indoor, Trans Studio Bandung is a great choice for you. Located in Jalan Gatot Subroto 239, it is a nice holiday destination for family. It has a lot of amusement rides like the ones Dunia Fantasi Jakarta has, and several performances as well. Some of them are New Parade, Trans Studio Big Band, Legend of Crown Prince, Laser Show, Kabayan Goes to Hollywood, Special Effects Action Show, and Bolang & Zoo Crew Adventure.

5. Villa Isola

Villa Isola Bandung

In the early 1930s, a Bandung villa, Villa Isola, was formerly built as an elegance villa for an Italian millionaire resident. Located in Jalan Doktor Setiabudi, on Bandung north side, it has the view of both the city southern side and also the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.

The villa appears as European style building and equipped with gorgeous garden while it was run as a hotel. However, Villa Isola today is functioned as a part of the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) complex.

6. Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate Bandung

Gedung Sate was originally served as the Dutch Indies Government Companies headquarters. But today it is functioned as West Java governor office and the home to the representative’s provincial house. What unique from Gedung Sate is its architecture.

People can see the mix of Spanish Moorish, Italian renaissance, and Balinese with Thailand elements fused into the building design. Like Villa Isola, Gedung Sate also has the view of both Bandung city and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.

Accommodations in Bandung Near Tourist Sites

The following is the list of accommodations in Bandung with affordable price near tourist sites. Some Bandung hotels and guest houses are on the list. This article jots them down according to their distance to Bandung’s tourist attractions. And here they are.

1. Pele Guest House

Great guest house, amazing host and excellent service.

  • Location : Jl. Taman Pelesiran 1 No. 5
  • Price : IDR 140,496 or US$ 11 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, free parking, kitchenette
  • Benefits : 160 m away from Bandung Zoo and Cihampelas Walk
Skywalk Bandung

2. Puma Hotel

Strategic location with amazing experience.

  • Location : Jl. Cihampelas No. 153
  • Price : IDR 416,529 or US$ 32 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, airport transportation, air conditioning, room service, non-smoking rooms
  • Benefits : 160 m away from Cihampelas Walk, 500 m away from Bandung Zoo
Puma Hotel Near Ciwalk Bandung

3. Rumah Tawa Hotel

Cheap and affordable, your “home” away from home.

  • Location : Jl. Taman Cibunut No. 6 (500 m away from Jalan Braga)
  • Price : IDR 263,636 or US$ 20 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, non-smoking hotel, free parking, restaurant, breakfast included
Rumah Tawa Hotel Bandung

4. Venice Guesthouse

Nice little hotel with very friendly staff.

  • Location : Jl. Kebon Sirih No. 6
  • Price : IDR 140,496 or US$ 11 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, smoking rooms available, free parking, restaurant, breakfast included
  • Benefits : 650 km away from Jalan Braga and Gedung Sate
Venice Guesthouse Near Gedung Sate

5. Narapati Indah Syariah Hotel & Convention

Comfortable stay in strategic location.

  • Location :  Pelajar Pejuang 45 No. 31-35 (1 km away from Trans Studio Bandung and Alun-alun Bandung)
  • Price : IDR 351,240 or US$ 27 per night
  • Offers : internet, air conditioning, room service, laundry service
Narapati Indah Hotel Bandung

6. La Nostalgie Boutique Guest House

An unique guest house, feels like home.

  • Location : Jl. Galunggung No. 29 (1.1 km away from Trans Studio Bandung and Alun-alun Bandung)
  • Price : IDR 661,150 or US$ 50 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, airport transportation, free parking, breakfast included, restaurant
Night at Alun-alun Bandung

7. Rose Chamber Bed and Breakfast

Lovely thematic hotel with excellent service.

  • Location : Jl. Sersan Bajuri No. 35 (650 m away from Villa Isola and Curug Sigay)
  • Price : IDR 235,537 or US$ 18 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, concierge, non-smoking rooms, laundry service, restaurant, family rooms
Curug Sigay Bandung

8. Breeze Art and Boutique Hotel

Warm-hearted hotel in a cooler area.

  • Location : Jl. Pondok Hijau Permai Blok I No. 11 (1,2 km away from Villa Isola and Curug Sigay)
  • Price : IDR 1,033,058 or US$ 78 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, non-smoking rooms, free parking, breakfast included, air conditioning
Breeze Art Hotel Bandung

9. Patradissa Hotel

Central location, reasonable and friendly.

  • Location : Jl. Wastukencana No. 7A (350 m away from Gedung Sate and Pet Park)
  • Price : IDR 193,388 or US$ 15 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, room service, air conditioning, concierge, restaurant, airport transportation
Pet Park Bandung

10. Elenor’s Home

Best value for budget backpacker.

  • Location : Jl. Boscha II No. 105 (800 m away from Cihampelas Walk and Bandung Zoo)
  • Price : IDR 123,967 or US$ 10 per night
  • Offers : free Wi-Fi, airport transportation, free parking, breakfast included
Bandung Zoo


Bandung is crowded mostly also by the Indonesians from high-temperature cities like Jakarta and surround since Bandung is cooler, especially at night, than those cities are.

Also, they find Bandung is very comfortable to be holiday destination. With some brief explanations about its tourist attractions and accommodations, hope you, foreign visitors, find Bandung cozy as well. Have a safe holiday!