10 Balinese Food You Must Try in Bali, Indonesia

When you visit Bali, the paradise of Indonesia, you have to taste the authentic Balinese food to complete your trip. If you have no clue where to begin and what food to eat, well, you have come to the right page.

We’ve compiled all the must-try Balinese food to give you an authentic taste of the local cuisine in Bali. Prepare your tongue because it’s gonna be an awesome ride.

1. Sate Lilit

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One of the best Indonesian foods you have to try when you’re in the country. This skewered and grilled meats. The meats are well-marinated and served with veggies, coconut milk, and spicy sauce. You should also try to combine all the ingredients to taste the complete authenticity of the cuisine.

Where to eat:

One of the best Sate Lilit is at a restaurant called Warung Ari. Furthermore, Some critics considered the dish as Slightly spicy and it has a savory character with a soft texture. Warung Ari is located in Panjer, Denpasar, 80234 Bali.

2. Tuna Sambal Matah

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It’s a fresh tuna dish that’s covered with Balinese special chili.  The spice is also called as Basa Gede or Bumbu Bali. Before that, the cook sears the tuna in a hot pan with some sprinkles of seasoning like salt, lime juice, and ground black pepper.

Usually, the Tuna Sambal Matah comes with steamed white rice and the Balinese special Chili, sambal Matah on the side.

Where to eat:

There are a lot of restaurants serve this dish. One of the recommended ones is at Gabah restaurant & Bar and the place is part of Ramayana Resort & Span in Kuta, Bali.

3. Bebek and Ayam Betutu

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This is the most iconic Balinese food you have to try when you’re in Bali. You can choose between Ayam (Chicken) or Bebek (Duck) Betutu. The dish consists of Chicken or duck stuffed with traditional species made by Balinese.

In addition, the taste is juicy and rich. The meat can also be separated easily from the bones. You will enjoy eating the Betutu dish.

Where to eat:

One of the best Betutu dishes is served in Betutu Pak Sanur restaurant which is located in Ubud.

4. Nasi Campur

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It’s like the bit-of-everything dish that many people love to eat. Actually, Nasi Campur can be found in many Indonesian regions. However, the Balinese nasi campur is a little different in taste. Nasi campur in English is mixed dishes with rice.

Locals typically dine on Nasi Campur for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you want to have an authentic experience in Bali, eat just like the locals.

Where to Eat:

The recommended restaurant to get Nasi Campur in Bali is at Warung Wardani in Denpasar. It’s located in Yudistira street number 2.

5. Nasi / Mie Goreng

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Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Mie Goreng (Fried Noodles) are practically the national Indonesia Dish. Tasting one of both dishes is like visiting the whole country. Both of them can be easy to find in almost any part of Indonesia.

You’ve got to find a really good nasi goreng and mie goreng to understand why it’s the national dish of the country. As a result, you will find the true meaning of a national dish.

Where to eat:

In Bali, it’s very easy to find restaurants that serve Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng. Two of the best restaurants are Poppies restaurant in Kuta and Warung Padmasari in Legian.

6. Pepes

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Originally, Pepes is an authentic way of cooking from Sundanese Indonesia. This method of cooking uses a banana leaf to wrap the Balinese food to cook. To seal both ends of the leaf, it uses thin bamboo sticks. Balinese Pepes has its own taste and spices that would make it different from others.

Commonly, pepes use fish, meat, chicken, vegetable or tofu which is steamed, grilled, or boiled until it’s cooked.

Where to eat:

If it’s gonna be your first time eating pepes, get a really good one first like the one from Warung Mina located in Seminyak Bali to get a great first impression.

7. Pisang Goreng

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It’s a snack or dessert dish to try in Indonesia. Pisang Goreng is one of the people’s all-time favorite as a dessert. In Bali, you can get a lot of bananas variety from the small ones to the large-sized one that looks a weapon.

Pisang Goreng or fried banana is usually served with palm sugar syrup or honey. They are sometimes sprinkled with a bit of flaked coconut. For a more fancy option, Pisang Goreng is topped with some vanilla ice cream.

Where to Eat:

You can enjoy one of the best Fried banana dishes served with a cup of Balinese Coffee in Kopi Pot. It’s located on the north of Monument in Kuta, Bali.

8. Mini Rijsttafel

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It’s food that you can share with others. Rijsttafel literally means rice table which is a Dutch word. The looks and ingredients of this dish depending on the restaurant you choose to eat the Balinese food.

It usually contains a mixture of Indonesian and Balinese foods or delicacies such as Betutu, Chicken with sambal, chicken satays, Sayur Urap, Tempe, Yellow Nasi Tumpeng in the middle, and many others.

Where to eat:

You can visit Warung Bejana which is located in Uluwatu, Bali. In fact, The Mini Rrijsttafel is one of the most recommended dishes there.

9. Gado Gado

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It’s one of the Indonesian signature dishes that you can find in Bali. In fact, it’s quite popular all over the world. Gado Gado is a mix of vegetable salad with classic peanut sauce. The dish consists of mixed vegetables such as spinach, potato, corn, long beans, cucumber, and bean sprout.

There are also some other additional ingredients to complete the dish like a boiled egg, tofu, tempeh, and some chips.

Where to eat:

The best place to eat Gado Gado in Bali, recommended by many tourists, is at Made’s Warung in Kuta, Bali.

10. Balinese Lumpia

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Lumpia is a crispy spring roll that is filled with mixed veggies and minced chicken. Spring rolls are served with a sweet chili sauce.

It’s also a dish that you can enjoy as an appetizer or snack. The tasty and savory taste makes you wanna eat more and more.

Where to eat:

One of the best chicken Lumpia in Bali can be found in Warung Pama, located in Poppies Lane 2 of Kuta.


All of those dishes are must-try foods to taste in Bali. Even though we already recommend the specific restaurant to enjoy the dishes, you can still choose the Balinese food you want from the nearest restaurant you can reach. It’s still gonna be delicious.